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When is the best time to catch a slob in montauk?

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That is a loaded question that deserves a small book or at least a large article but here is my opinion in very short.

  • Early to mid may. During this time there are cool water temps and lots of krill. Look for shad, squid, bunker (early in the month), herring, and the non-local big sand eels.

  • June-plenty of large get taken this month, and if you target them you have a good shot. However, it's a great time to pattern fish for consistent fishing, as the local sand eels invade. I am usually trying to get a bend in my customer's rods this month rather then target large. Primary baits--Porgies and sand eels.

  • Early July gets a mention. If we get the right wind we have a good shot at bunker hitting the beach, or if you are willing to make a zillion casts on the sand beaches where the local sand eels have recently arrived, along with some bigger baits holding, you just might land something of significant proportions.

  • August- early Sept., My favorite month to target large, although Aug. 2010 sucked! If you want large in Montauk you are almost always going to have to work hard to get them, but in August you will triple your work. You need to change the way you think as large are many times not holding on your typical fall and spring tides. You also really have to work to find bait. Snappers anyone?

  • November. Bigger baits and bigger fish. Many times they will make you work, work, and work for little reward. Back in the 80's and early 90's this was my favorite time to target big bass. But in more recent years the herring have been taking deeper migration routes and rarely hit the suds. Much speculation as to why, and that is just too much typing.

  • Sept and Oct you ask? This is not a time for resident fish. Here today gone tomorrow. Baits seem to move in and out as fast as the fish do.. Good time of year to fish but if a trophy is what you seek then I would not recommend these months.
As with anywhere else, if you do not fish specific tides as related to wind and time of year don't expect results.

Hope this helps you a bit....wink.gif

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