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Bigger Fisherman - Cold Waters - Kayak Recommendation?

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I am a 47 year old, bigger guy 5'11 - 225 - I just went out Kayak fishing a couple weeks ago for the first time, testing a buddies new future beach 126. It worked enough to get me fully hooked on the concept but the seat was uncomfortable. I next got a loaner tandem Old Town Otter and took it out solo, moving the front seat to the middle. This left plenty of leg room and the seat was simply awesome. I was out about 5 hours.


The Otter is heavy...maybe like 68 pounds, but i enjoyed the freedom to bring my legs up and bend the knee, which the future beach did not.


I would like to know what you all might recommend for a fishing kayak that one person can load to a car top, and will provide a mostly dry stable fishing experience. I am not sold on a SOT or SIK and still have an open mind, however i really liked the comfort of the seat and the leg room of the open cockpit the the Otter SIK tandem provided.


I live in Maine and we have cold waters up here so drier also allows me to extend the season. If there are other Mainiac Yakers out there I would like to hear whats worked / working for you and what to avoid. Anything to help narrow my choices... and EMS store near me rents kayaks and has several models of SOT and SIK, I am just looking to narrow to a short list.


I like the concept of of SOT from a safety standpoint. If you roll seems like an easier re-entry, important when you are off shore. However many of the SOT yaks I see appear better suited for warmer waters since they provide shallow sides and offer little protection from wind and wave.


I would use this Yak in a lake or river but my primary target is the southern Maine coastline. Again i am a bigger guy. Researching on this website certainly shows a persons weight a "primary" use are huge factors in selection.


I would like to hear what you bigger guys are using in the cooler ocean waters and what you do to remain comfortable as the weather turns less seasonable. I am not an extremest but like to get as much as season is as i can.

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I am using and loving my Native Ultimate Propel in the rivers and marshes of southern ME. I had two SOTs before the Propel and I never enjoyed the colder weather, or even having my butt be wet all day long in warm weather.


The only negative is that Propel is not for the open water. I thought I might regret that but it is not a factor for me any more. The rivers and marsh have all I want and I get out at least several times/week.


Dry, comfortable, plenty of cargo and leg space, light enough to easily pick up out of the water and car-top, hands free fishing, great maneuverability including instant reverse while playing a fish.


I would be happy to let you take a spin. We have two of the same boats and my wife rarely uses hers. You don't have PM privileges yet as a new member but I would be willing to post my throwaway Email address here if you want to follow up on this offer.

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