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Jason B

Musky Stuff

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Any Musky-Heads out there? I know these ain't for stripers, but I thought I would give a shot anyway.

One of my Dad's freinds gave these to me in the late '70's. Never used them but they have been kick around in the same box for years. Not sure what all of them are but here are the few I know: 4 Mepps Musky Killers (2silver/2gold), 1 Mepps Giant Killer, Heddon Sonar 435, I Johnson spoon (this looks used, pretty tarnished), cipped up, but not used Musky Ike, 1 Hilderbrandt #4 spinner (long yellow >10"), 2 unknown spinner lead looks oxidized(?), 1 suick (long black >8"), Grey plug (unknown >6"). I'm gonna keep the red/white plug for sentimental reasons (upper left).


Trade all the stuff for a couple used whiteish danny's, or 2oz or less pencils. or Hopkin shorty's would also be nice.


BTW, if I am off on the trade value, just make an offer, these needs to fished, or atleast owned by somebody who can atleast name them!


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