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Wade for

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Available as a lot or singles. Make an offer for multiples.


12 lures


#1 PA surfer popper - new - $20 shipped


#2 PA Surfer popper (this thing throws so much water!) -new -$20 shipped


#3 NB bottle darter blurple wood. - new with some dings under paint - $25 shipped


#4 Hab's Popper - pink. Tough to find - $35 shipped NO LONGER AVAILABLE


#5 Gibbs Danny - yellow 2 oz - $12 shipped


#6 Black glitter Tattoo darter - $20 shipped


#7 Strike Pro Bonz - free with purchase of any two lures


#8 BM Danny - older stock - pollock - $30 shipped


#9 Wade - used but in very good condition - Can't even tell you how many fish I caught on Wade just like this - $65 shipped NO LONGER AVAILABLE


#10 Big Don - new $40 shipped


#11 Gibbs popper white - lightly used - free with the purchase of four lures


#12 Hab's mullet - tomato lightly used - $35 shipped NO LONGER AVAILABLE


Lot price = $275 shipped REDUCED TO $250.


Final reduction:

Remaining nine lures for $150

postal money order or add $5 for paypal


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View PostI bought 2 plugs from you other post, how much to add in the wade? smile.gif


Shipped yours today so I can't really do anything with the price by shipping together. Individual prices to follow in a minute...

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