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Another shot at tandem flies.

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I'm waiting on my new rod to arrive so I decided I'd do a little tying. Tandems tied this way almost never tangle. The new rod ought to make casting these a snap. These flies are 4.5-5" long, tied on Mustad 34007 hooks.


I've been experimenting with tandem flies. Two baits are better than one, right?

1) I tie the bottom fly as usual other than tying the head about 1/4" behind the eye of the hook then I snell the fly on to the leader.

2) I lightly wrap the tail and flash material to the second hook

3) Lay the partially tied fly on the leader at your chosen distance above the bottom fly and snell it onto the leader. (Start the Snell about 3/8" behind the hook eye to allow room for the collar and head.)

4) Tie a bucktail collar of the same or contrasting color, finish the head and cement.

5) Smear a little RTV sealer into the head of the fly and attach prismatic eyes.

6) Add a little more RTV over the eyes to assure they stay in place.

7) Go fishin'.


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Yes, I can see it happening, for sure Gaspar. I fish a light and a dark fly, just to see if there is a preference. Some days, they show a marked preference and often, fish go against the old rule of thumb I have always heard; "Dark day, dark fly and bright day, bright fly."


When Peacocks are nesting, they are the easiest fish of all to catch. Ours top out at about 6# or so. I don't expect a pair to break 30#.


To hedge my bet, I often use a grizzly Deceiver or bend back above to mimic a shrimp and a white fly below to mimic a baitfish.


My son's fly fishing mentor, Bill Rhodes, fishes a tandem rig exclusively. He catches lots of doubles. His rig consists of a tiny 3-way swivel, a Flash Tail Clouser and some other fly on top.

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Very very good! I found right now some material about this on internet, including a book.


Trying diferent flies, colors, sizes and depths is very interesting.


A shrimp followed by a baitfish looks prety good. Peacock bass likes shrimp.


Thanks Capt!

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