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mike NJ

My Son's Great White Whale

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Went up camping last week to the 1000 islands with my wife, son, and his friend. Hot, hot, hot. camping in a tent when its 90 degrees out and 95% humidity is tough. good thing we had a river to jump in and an olympic sized pool at the campground.


we took the boat out a few times, but the kids dont have the patience to fish deep, and right now, a lot of the fish are deep, especially mid-day. but the kids, they never gave up.they went down to the docks at the marina and fished for sunnies, rock bass, and gobies. in the process, they saw this big bowfin that was around the docks in the morning and evening. now it was on, this fish haunted them day and night.


on the first attempt, they couldnt get him to bite. teased him for awhile, but he wouldnt go for it. second night, my son raids my boat and finds an old bass assasin laying around. he hooks it onto this tiny hook he had on his rod, like a #6 he was sunny/goby fishing with. big mistake. he gets the fish to bite, but cant stick the hook and loses it.


3rd night, my sons friend connor has on a big wide gap 3/0 hook and a minnow. he hooks the fish, but they left the net in the boat. he fights it for a minute while zach runs for the net. unfortunately, the fish breaks the line.


now they're getting frustrated. i'm giving advice, but kind of laying back and silently rooting for them to get this fish. i still havent seen it, i've just heard reports, and admiring their dedication to catching it.


4th night, they go down to the docks again as they have every night on their bikes. my wife and i are back at camp. about an hour later, connor comes riding his bike across the field, screaming something, out of breath. as he gets close, we hear " we got it! we got it!" my wife and i jump in the car with connor and ride down to see my son standing on the boat launch, with a crowd starting to gather around, holding up the net with the bowfin in it.


they finally hooked it on a live goby, fought it for a minute or 2 before connor was able to get the net under him from about 4 feet up on the wall. now, in the meantime, i hear the story of how my son had to negotiate

with the kid who worked at the marina. you see, you're not allowed to fish off the docks. dont know why, but there are signs. now the one girl didnt care, but this kid had told them that final night that they couldnt fish there. so my son goes over to negotiate the deal, telling the kid that they've been going for this fish all week, and would really appreciate it if he would let them finish their quest. the kid says OK, but if anyone asks, he didnt ok it.


sorry for the long story, but these kids really did put a ton of effort into this fish, and i admire their dedication.


the fish was released right after a couple pictures.



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View PostHopefully it'll eat many Gobies in its life.



yeah, those things are all over up there. i never realized how bad it was till i saw them all swimming around by the docks. its a shame, because while i hear the bass love to eat them, they also wreak havoc on the eggs during the spawn.

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