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Do you fish barbless, crushed barbs or barbed hooks

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Mike Oliver

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I fish with Barbie. wink.gif


Oh, my hooks? Well, come to think of it I never crushed the barbs down in all my years of fishing. However, after seeing **** post above, the pliers are going to be getting a work out from now on. Getting too old to cut hooks out of my extremities. icon25.gif


Spigola HappyWave.gif

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I crush ALL barbs. I have asked lure manufacturers why they don't use barbless hooks. They answer that lures without barbs do not sell.

I have been able to remove several hooks fron me, the most interesting was a clouser that went through my right earlobe.

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question for you guys: when you crush them, do you make them completely flat, or do you leave the small bump? i will use my dremel and completely remove the barb before tying, but some of my older flies and plugs i've just used pliers to crush the barb, and that leaves me with the small bump. i read somewhere that the bump is better because it will hold in the fish's mouth a bit better, but it is still very easy to remove from the fish and yourself.

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