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Noob Question

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You'll need some wood to start. You can start off with something as simple as a piece of 2x4. Many of the people here use cedar of some kind. Bass wood, poplar.


If you are going to turn them, you'll need a lathe and tools. to do the turning. After that, you'll need a long drill bit to drill it all the way through, if you are going to through wire the plug.


If not, you can use small eye hooks. Screw them into the wood and attach hooks to them. To do that, you'll need split rings, split ring pliers and hooks.


If you are going to "hand carve" them, you'll need some kind of saw to cut the wood into the basic shape of the lure. small band saw or coping saw or scroll saw. Then something to shape the lure: sand paper, belt sander, dremel type tool, files and rasps.

Good read for hand carve. Fairly certain he discribed his process for what he did.


Some spray paint to color them up and then something to put a protective finish on it.


This is just a very basic list of some of the stuff you will need or use. I have learned a bunch just searching for different things. and reading all the threads brought up from the search. Things I didn't even consider. Some things to search for: wood, lip, noob question, how do I...., painting question, sealing, sealing wood, epoxy. These are just some suggestions on what to search for.

Start here though Lure building FAQ's:


Hope this help get you pointed in the right direction. I'm a noob too. I have a file with bookmarks of threads leaning towards just beginning or how do I... type threads. Maybe there should be an area just for noobs......cwm27.gif

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If you are just learning to turn on a lath, make sure you get a face shield. I have had a splinter in my eye. Not fun. (not from a lathe)


Watch some beginner turning videos on youtube. Also some on sharpening. Look around for a turning club. If there is one in your area, go to a meeting or two. Maybe someone there can help you out. IMO, it's much easier to learn somethings while watching first hand.


If you have done some turning in the past, nevermind.

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