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15W Offshore real question...

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View Postyour not allowed to post ebay links i guess...


nope no links to ebay , or a lot of other places ..


maybe you need to read the guidelines and help



esp this part :

1. No links in your signatures - ever.



2. Do not post (or PM) links or URLs or cutesy "add dot com" verbiage to commercial websites in your posts or Private Messages.


A commercial website is one that sells products, services or advertising or promotes websites that sell products, services or advertising. For example, a club website, while not selling products or advertising, would be considered commercial if they trade advertising for products or money in the form of sponsor links to commercial websites. We allow links to educational institutions, appropriate governmental agency websites and websites for which we presently have a link exchange arrangement on our "additional resources" web pages. If you are unsure, don't PM or post the link until you contact one of the forum leaders or admins and ask them for a ruling. Anyone private messaging commercial links, URLs or promoting a commercial website to any other member here will lose their ability to send or receive private messages - period. They may also be removed from the entire site.



3. No solicitation in the forums or via Private Messages.


We encourage contribution to this community and very much discourage solicitation and self promotion. We have and will continue to allow appropriate announcements provided that they:


A. Do not contain advertisement information such as URLs, phone numbers, email addresses and "for more information contact" text in them.


B. Are not overly biased self promotional product endorsements by the manufacturer, designer and/or distributor.


C. Do not contain lists of sponsors, shops or businesses.



We welcome and encourage any manufacturer of products that we offer, sell or publicly endorse here to keep the entire community up to date on their product line through announcements and posts on this website. We also welcome all manufacturers to participate in any and all discussions relating to their products, provided they do not post links, contact information or other information to direct members to their business, service or products.



Thank you for your anticipated cooperation,


Tim Surgent and StripersOnline


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