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Surf Belt Photos!

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1 min ago, Sandbar1 said:

Great premise, they're light, drain and fit well into fins.


I wish the durability was a bit better, mine have nearly fallen apart in less than a season though I admittedly fish them hard.


I might go with a pair of draining Salomon's with grip studs screwed in next time.


I heard they have a bit of a durability problem for the guys that fish them super hard. I think I am easy on them. Out on the rocks about 3 - 4 times per week but my outings are admittedly timid at 57! 


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Back support and belt - from Home Depot (purchased a bunch of years ago)

And the accessories on the belt don't rub against the waders, a common cause of leaks


Double clip for Boga and strap, bottled water holder, small Aquaskinz bag and a D-ring to hold the rod while rigging 

(important tip, never put the rod in the D-ring while bait fishing if you want to have kids someday)





Aquaskinz D Ring.jpg

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3 hours ago, Sandbar1 said:

Love the simplicity, how well does it support a strapped bag?

Pretty well. It prevents bag from dropping down in front of me when I lean over to unhook a fish or when I’m climbing over rocks. I can unhook it easily to access the bag as I have a brass clip connect to SS ring. 


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