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Search this site for as much bucktail info as you can. This is an unbelievable place for information. You will find discussions on trailers, weights, brands and techniques.


I do not concider mself a seasoned or very accomplished bucktailer, but I am a happy one.


Lots of people argue about Doc Muller's book, but I can tell you that my catch count went way up when keeping to his "KISS" system. He doesn't claim this to be the only way, but a way to get started and build confidence. He also doesn't claim this method for himself. He talks about John Skinner showing him a great deal (also read his book). I have also seen him on a beach, in the spring, with a line of about fifteen guys catching stripers while everyone else was catching blues.


It has amazed me what you can catch when you are determined to learn these silly looking little things.


Good luck and have fun.

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Originally Posted by guitarfreek10 View Post

alright i think im gonna try the whole bucktailing thing for stripers in the fall i need to know what kind of bucktails? what should i put as a tail? how to fishem? when to fishem? and hopefully if i get some good responces ill finally catch a striper







thanks tedsmile.gif









trial and error. theres too many variables for one type of brand, trailer, size, retrieve, time etc. . . . theres no set paremeters on what works. some swear by curly tails, some porkrinds. some like the spros, i like andruus. no short cuts to catching them on bucks, have to change it up until u find what works. then figure it out all over again the next day.


....old post......but the BEST plain and simple advice i believe anyone could ever give with respect to fishing "The Bucktail" !!!

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