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tldbsg's and low rider on Arra surf rod

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So... I got some tldbsg's in size 6 from Billy over the winter and thought I would share my current thoughts after fishing it some, since not alot of info is out there on small single foots on bigger surf rods (at least not when I was looking for it in the past).


The rod is an Arra 1205 cut 6" from the butt. The setup I came up with is probably different then what others may do, but I found it gave me the best performance of the setups I have tried. It is based on the ngc, but with a low rider for a gathering guide. Doesn't follow the "rules" of either low rider or ngc setups completely, but it works.


I used a lcag size 20 for the gathering guide that ended up 40" from the spool.


I then used the ngc spool diameter x 27 method and ended up with a tldbsg as the choker at about 67". The other 4 tldbsg's were spaced at approximately 4 3/4" apart to the tip. If the running guide spacing hadn't been acceptable and worked well with a stress distribution tests, I would have probably bagged ngc stuff all together, but it all sorta fell into place.


The transition guides I used are byag's. I can't remember at the moment exactly what they are, but I think a 12 and 8. I can update after I check tonight.


Top is a t-mnst size 6.

All single foots are wrapped w/ a Forhan lock.


I alternate reels between a saltiga 4500z (50 lb pp) and a daiwa powersurf 4500 (30 lb pp) depending on the situation. I also use a barrel swivel w/ about 3 feet of mono leader.


So far I have mostly plugged w/ the rod with lures ranging from 1 oz redfins to 4 oz cordell pencils. I also threw rigged eels a few times and they will become the norm for me for most of the rest of the year. This weekend I also ended up jigging with it in the cc canal after a reel malfunction on my 1209. Jigs were 4 and 5 oz and also tossed 9" storm wildeyes a bit, which scale out at about 6 oz. While I don't plan on using this rod as my primary canal jigging rod, it performed great and the small single foot guides held up perfectly.


At this point I can say that I love the rod setup with this guide setup. The rod is very light and well balance and basically feels like there aren't any guides on it when compared to some of the more traditional setups I have used. Casts are nearly silent as the line shoots smoothly through the lcag then straight out through the other guides. Casts are also pretty darn long. I didn't do any formal measurements using full power casts, but I can say that there is certainly no loss of casting distance smile.gif and I would guess some discernible improvement over some other setups.


My conclusion at this point is that so far I haven't found any drawbacks to this setup (other than the lack of availability of ldbsg's in the US) and the performance and feel of the the rod really is great. In the same way that spiral wraps changed the way I build conventional rods, the ldbsg's could do the same for spinners and become the norm for many of the rods I build. I would at least recommend if you are considering them to give em a shot.

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The 1205 is a great rod blank. One of the best. I would not have cut the 6 off the butt but of course that's a matter of personal preference. The 1205 makes a great canal rod , IMO the best if you are using a conventional reel. I would not go 6OZ on mine but 5 and 8 inch Curltail is no problem.


Anyway , the whole build sounds logical. As long as you never have to pass a leader knot through the 6's I think it sounds like a good build.

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