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Yawn ... VS Fluffing Thread ...

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Finally got a chance to try out this setup I traded for a while back:


All I can say is wow. This is an impeccable duo of craftsmanship and beauty. Still learning the mastering of the bail less system but I love it so far and really think I will prefer it now that I have had the chance to use it, catch fish and begin mastering it. The weight of the setup is one of the nicest things I have ever used. Lure control turning into feeling the weight of the fish and then the hook set is the closest thing to butter not on toast I have ever encountered. It makes the other rods I own feel clunky and makes me want to explore other high end setups for freshwater fishing too. Once you actually use something like this, the price and value become apparently worth it. Not to mention pairing gear which is obviously made for each other.


I am going to start switching over to high end gear gradually. I could never justify people paying top dollar for this kind of equipment. Coming from a relative noob of high end gear, having never had such a setup in my hand and questioning the value of use versus the price, this is definitely something that any fisherman who loves the art of fishing will appreciate in the long term. If you can afford it or even if you need to set 50.00 aside a week or every two weeks, once you get the money to acquire one of these or any other quality built setup the immediacy of realization is instant. And definitely worth the time invested in saving up (if you have to).


Thinking of starting to look into G Loomis rods for my freshwater switch. Any recommendations on whether this would be a good choice of rod manufacturer and some reel recommendations would be great. I took the reel off and used it with a nice St. Croix on the boat and loved using it, but using it with this pole was definitely much more fulfilling.


I am sure these threads wear on some of the more experienced SOL users as they must be a commonplace sight and a burden to the board. But please just let me fluff the hell out of good gear and read my thoughts with a sense of longing for that first time you too felt the silky smoothness of using something so well built and magical in a sport and art we all share a passion for. What a wonderful feeling and weekend.


If it wasn't for SOL I would never had the opportunity or knowledge to partake in the sport at this level. Thanks so much to the community and Tim for making it what it is.


/rant! biggrin.gif





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I felt exactly the same when I acquired the first of my VS reels over 15 years ago. Until then, I fished the old Penn, Daiwa and Garcia which while served their purpose, they were loose, wobbly and often felt like they were about to break down if I didn't keep up with the maintenance route. One crank of VS and I was convinced that it was the reel I must have. It just felt much more substantial in every way.


You know, fishing is the sport of our choice. We fish because we enjoy doing it so anything that helps us enhance our enjoyment, how can one put real value in it? Spending a little more money on a reel like VS or ZB, one gets many years of assured performance with minimal concern of breakdown. People paid first class for flying and they get nothing after the trip and a plane fare often costs more than a VS, sometimes several times over. This makes buying a highend reel a no brainer, when you can afford having one.


Congratulations for your first high end reel! Hope you have many many years of enjoyment fsihing it.

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