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Harz mountains - May 20th.

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Harz 2010 day 1, May 20th.


Some time ago we made our annual pilgrimage to the Harz mountains, the northernmost mountain range in Germany.



All hotels down there where booked due to a busy weekend but at the end we secured the last spot in the small village next to the river we would fish.


We had some mixed feeling when we went on the road to the Harz.



Acquaintances of us had fished there a couple weeks before us and came back with horror stories of a fishless stream.



The icing on the cake was the fact that it very heavy rains where expected on our first travel day.



Weather was fine until we reached the area around Hannover when we entered the rain front, it poured right until we reached the mountains.


Before we hit the hotel we first visited the local trout hatchery to obtain our fishing permits.



We looked at the river and it carried a lot of water, but standing on the bridge we actually saw rising fish, luckily.



When we arrived at the hotel we learned that we would not stay in the main building but in a separate house way up the mountain.



It was a steep path so we where a bit out of breath when we finally hit our rooms.





The hotel.


The trip to the Harz took some four hours so instead of going fishing right away we first visited our favourite restaurant that was located smack in the wilderness.



After a good meal and a couple of cold ones we where ready to go fishing.



It was already late in the day, the clouds came rolling in low and now and then light rain fell.



We decided to visit the easy access spot on the stream right in front of a bunch of hotels.



It was Thursday so we did not have to worry about the weekend spectators, in the weekend it was a complete Zoo down there with us as the main attraction.





Beware of free ranging waitresses ... what will they think of next









Some of the hotels


The water was high, fishing was slow as suspected.



With these conditions we hardly expected good fishing but fish where caught.



My buddies outfished me big time, they got both 11 fish, I ended with 4 fish.








The river.


At least I got the rainbow trout I told my buddies I would catch.



The fish where small but that was one of the characteristics of this river, lots of fish but the



Large ones where very difficult to get at.








Brown- and rainbow trout.


After a couple of hours it became dark and the temperature dropped.



A sure sign to call it a day.



At the hotel we reviewed the day while zipping away at a couple of dark wheat beers.





Wheat beer.


The members of the party that had visited this region before us had either blanked or they



had caught four fish during a whole week.



We had nothing to complain about, the next day the weather would improve and we would surely catch more fish.



To be continued......

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