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Fin Nor Ahab reel, anti reverse not working

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I rolled my kayak yesterday on the beach, so I have 4 fishing reels that need stripped down, cleaned, lubed, reassembled. I havent had time to do them so all of them are soaking in freshwater until tomorrow morning.


However, I stripped my Fin Nor ahab down today. I mean, i took it down completely. I even took out the needle bearings within the pinion/ clutch assembly, cleaned and greased everything and put it all back together.


Seemed great. Reels smoothly, I was proud of myself for this bit of mechanical prowess until I realized that the anti reverse isnt working. I flip the switch to either side and it still reels forward and backwards.


Does anyone know what would cause this? I was very careful not to lose any pieces, so Im about 99% sure that everything is in the way it was. The 1% is just because if everything was the way it should be... id like to this my anti reverse would still work.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


BTW its a fin nor ahab reel. The spool says megalite 4000, and looking at most sites it seems that


that is a picture of the reel. Seems its called a megalite mlx. I think.

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Most of these new model reels that work with the so called one way clutch for a anti reverse. Is very sensitive for to much oil or grease.


Your problem should be solved, if you clean that out and just very slightly lube it.

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