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Plugsy Seagull

Message to the haters

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Here's message to the USA haters, bashers, people that want to "change" the greatest country that has ever been, illegal immigrants and your basic everyday run of the mill ********.


The first verse says it all and the song rocks too. It ain't Springsteen.


If you don't it here like well...


" target="_blank">


And for the record my Dad and his family came off the boat from Italy, the legal way. They embraced American traditions and values and persevered. They didn't come with their hand out.


I am not a "white racist".


Any comments or questions please refer back to the video.


Peace out!

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View Post800px-Rainbow-diagram-ROYGBIV.svg.png


LOL, yes the singer is fruity. He couldn't cut it in Van Halen.



View PostExtreme? really?


Dude, it's obvious I have to much free time on my hands, the fishing charter business has collapsed and I need to entertain myself. I can't fish all day long and how many fishing and nudie sites can one guy possibly check out in one day.



Anyone who knows me knows I'm harmless and my mouth/typing finger gets me in more trouble then my actions and I have no problem laughing at myself.



I"m not sure what's up but since the Kerik post I've received a couple of quick snipes from you. I don't snipe 2-3 word comments on your post. I did apologize to those I offended. And in fact if that post was so offensive and out of line then why wasn't it deleted or edited. Not one of my most posts have ever been deleted for offensive content. I had one photo removed, it was a great cleavage shot deemed inappropriate. No biggie.



Maybe we have different sense of humor and music tastes. Maybe I should crawl out of the 80's.



Did I offend you with my Sam Kinison post too? Do you have any animosity to me?


" target="_blank">



Like it or not the words in the song reflect the feeling of the majority of Americans no matter what Jonesy and the rest of the Flower Children think.

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