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Salty Dogs, Fax Bombs URGENTLY Needed

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As some of you already know, the RFA has been working

closely with the former and present Chairman of the NY

Assembly Environmental Conservation Committee to craft

a passable bill which will offer striped bass

protection from commercial pressure on the Hudson



The former chair, Assemblyman Brodsky, introduced a

bill a few months ago and Chairman DiNapoli of Great

Neck, NY will hold a hearing on the bill tomorrow, May

14th, 2002.


Originally, we intended for a low-key campaign to see

this bill passed. However, we found out today that 3

environmental organizations will probably oppose the

bill tomorrow during the hearing. These groups are:


Hudson River Keeper

Environmental Advocates


Since it has become a public campaign on the part of

the environmental groups, we need to try to do the



Below is a letter that I hope you can distribute to as

many people as possible.

These letters need to arrive in Mr. DiNapoli's office

no later than 11:30am on May 14th.


Please ask everyone you can reach to fax a copy to the

number on the letter. If they can not fax, they can

send it to the Chairman via email at:


Since time is so short, I think it is best that faxes

be limited to Mr. DiNapoli.


However, emails and phone calls will help.

Below is a letter, Please cut, paste and print it with your Signature, than fax it out as soon as possible. Thanks



May 13, 2002


VIA FACSIMILE 518-455-4921


Assemblyman Thomas P. DiNapoli

Legislative Office Building 837

Albany, NY 12248


Dear Chairman DiNapoli:


I am writing you in strong support of Bill A10141, which prohibits the taking of striped bass from the Hudson River for commercial purposes north of the George Washington Bridge.

The Hudson River, along with the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River, are the three primary spawning areas for striped bass. Of these three estuaries, the Hudson River is considered the second largest.

Recognizing the uniqueness of these spawning areas, none of the States that are responsible for the management of striped bass while they are on the spawning grounds permit the taking of striped bass for commercial purposes during the Spring spawning period.

The Hudson River is comparable to the Delaware River in that both are relatively narrow and shallow bodies of water. Recognizing the unique nature of river spawning and juvenile nursery areas, Pennsylvania and New Jersey completely prohibit the taking of striped bass for commercial purposes from the Delaware River.


Bycatch fisheries for striped bass are simply not a tenable option. Time and again, when a high-value fish such as striped bass is permitted to be caught as bycatch, it becomes the de facto targeted species and the originally targeted species becomes a secondary consideration.


Finally, the Hudson River striped bass population plays a vital role in providing a recreational and commercial fishery for the entire East Coast. From the perspective of the recreational fishing community, the striped bass is the only fish that grows to truly large proportions that is available to shore or small boat-bound anglers. A commercial fishery for striped bass on the Hudson River will have a severe negative impact on the fish, those who seek them along the coast, and the marine businesses that depend on a healthy striped bass population.


I urge you and all members of the Environmental Conservation Committee to vote yes on Bill A17141. Thank you for your time and consideration.





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Yeah, what is the reason that the enviros are opposing? Is this related to efforts to open up the sale on the Hudson of shad bycaught bass?

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Sent it out, thanks for the heads up Jim.


This bill seems like the perfect legislation to get the RFA & CCA-NY working together for something positive. Wouldn't it be nice, oh well, a guy can dream.

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Vinny is correct....somebody got the bill number wrong in the sample letter above. It should be A10141...There is no Bill A17141 listed on the NY State Assembly web site.

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