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A Good Day!

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For the past two years, I've been out of work. Laid off and can't seem to find something permanent. Thinking of becoming a teacher so I have been substituting to see how I like it (I know, it's not the same thing) but I really like it.


Today was the end of a three day assignment working with basic skills 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders. I go into a class and work with 2 - 5 kids while the rest of the class does their work at a faster pace. I worked Thur. and Fri. with two fourth graders to try and help them do addition and subtraction with three and four digits. Long story short, today the whole class has a pop quiz from the teacher. The two kids that I was helping were asked to take the test as well. Out of 64 questions, one goes 60 for 64 (93%) and the other 64 for 64 (100%).


The teacher goes nuts saying she can't believe how great the kids did. She singles them out as they scored better than 2/3 of the regular class. She sees me in the hall later and tells me she can't believe the change in them and later, at the end of the day tells me the one who scored a 93 never speaks in class and never participates. After that quiz, he participated in every class, raised his hands, answered questions and said he is like a whole new kid.


Totally made my day today! Feels great to feel like I made a difference again. Granted it is one day and tomorrow his regular basic skills teacher is back but I will take it.

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