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hunt for blueessss

World's Greatest Weapons - something to read

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The day. Sunday, January 10, 2010. The time. 12: 14pm. I finish a big plate of french toast, eggs, sausage, and the great company of friends. It's a Sunday, and usually it's football time, but I get a strange itch. A familiar itch, too familiar. I stand to leave the presence of friends and as I open the door a brisk wind rushes over my face. It doesn't matter. I look at my shiny blue truck and she tell me the same thing. Her tank is full and she's ready to ride. She knows and I know exactly what to do, almost like she's been programmed, 20 minutes later we arrive. I step out of her warm cabin and back into the wind, it's much calmer but still bites pretty hard. I reach into her pockets before closing the door. Here they are, Mr. Kastmaster and his family, my other good friends. They stare me in the face and let me know that it's going to be a good day. I heard them. I nod accordingly and we begin our venture. I reach into my girls trunk and grab our last pair of friends, Mr. Okuma Salina and Ms. St. Croix Triumph. On we go, completely under dressed but warm off of coffee and adrenaline. Mental note written somewhere up there, pack a bag of "Uncontrollable Urge" clothes. We trot for a 1/2 mile through ice and snow to a clearing and there she is.


I add Mr. Kastmaster who weighs 1/2 oz to Mr and Ms and we begin our adventure. Very first cast, absolutely no fish caught, but the beauty of flashing gold further encourages me to spend the entire day out here. About 20 casts later, not a fish in site and probably none coming but who cares, I'm having the time of my life mainly because the line is beginning to freeze, it's the first time I've ever had a guide so cold and wet that there is a block of ice forming and I let out a hysterical laugh, WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I DOING OUT HERE?!, but I keep pushing and then it happens. I downgrade to Mr. Kastmaster's son, who only weighs 1/8 oz, knock the block of ice off of the first guide and cast. A slow retrieve of a silvery flash, which appears more like a fish than a lure on the end of my line, let's me know that my brain is starting to lose function, triggers a strike. I COMPLETELY MISS THE FISH, ABOUT 6 FEET IN FRONT OF ME, THAT I'M WATCHING TAKE MY LURE. I realized it was now time for me to go. I've seen a fish and I've never been so cold in my life. I walk back to my car and realize that this entire year has revolved around a literal handful of lures.


I've caught fish on a pencil, swimbait, bomber, danny, flies, bucktails, metals, and live bait, but it wasn't until today that I realized that there is no greater feeling for me than catching a fish on a kastmaster in gold and silver and bucktails of all sizes, but especially pink and white with a red/white pork rind. It's incredible how confident I feel fishing with these lures. The only other thing that excites me as much is the casting of my Echo 2 (thanks CTaylor). Not even the catching of fish, just the actual casting part, it's pretty weird.


So there are my greatest weapons and a little story to hopefully help you in your winter blues. Does anyone else have an Ultimate Weapon that excites them when they tie it on, something that you NEVER doubt will catch fish, and if it does fail, it's because you're doing something wrong? Is there anything that brings about euphoria when you think about it?



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