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WAPO: When It's Hot, It's Climate Change. But When It's Cold, It's Just Weather.

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You've been there many times - a heat wave hits or a bout of heavy rains, wildfires, or almost anything extreme and weather related, and the pundits tell you this is caused by Global Warming. But extended periods of meteorological calm or even frigid temperatures are either ignored or chalked up to Global Warming too. And I'm sure you have wondered why it is that heat proves warming but the converse never proves cooling, or at least less warming. And if you're like me, you might also wonder how those who push the alarmist view in the media cope with the obvious cognitive dissonance in their point of view. They must know what they're doing, and they're not stupid, so how do they justify it?


Tom Blumer at Newsbusters gives us a peek behind the curtain :

The one good thing you can say about Andrew Freedman's "Cold weather in a hot climate" entry at the Washington Post's
at the Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web) is that he's at least not hiding his bias.

Boiling it down, Freedman believes that weather broadcasters should use the occasions of heat waves and serious storms as global warming teachable moments, yet become strict info relayers when it's extraordinarily cold. In doing so, he advocates a continuation of what Julie Seymour at the Media Research Center's Business & Media Institute
The news media constantly misuse extreme weather examples to generate fear of global warming, but when record cold or record snow sets in journalists don't mention the possibility of global cooling trends. While climatologists would say weather isn't necessarily an indication of climate, it has been in the media, but only when the weather could be spun as part of global warming.

Freedman, whose post quotes Julie's work without linking to it, confirms that the bias she has observed is in his case quite conscious. In the process, he goes to a leading apologist for the "
" Climategate charlatans who have
while "somehow"
, propagandizing and scrubbing supposedly objective reference sources
, and attempting to
for a decade or more:


Read more:

Now, I was tempted to add that, in a similar vein, climate predictions which turn out to be true are trumpeted by the same Agwophilic Media but those that fail are ignored, except there has never been an actual prediction of warming to come that turned out to be true, so we'll have to wait a while longer for that.

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