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Was not Food Poisoning

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Thursday after eat Thurs nite


Friday.....hearty B'fast feel gnarly and bloated


Drive to beach


Friday nite.....crapweasel


Sat morning....crapweasel


Shoot Sat at Maryland State first three sations then....crapweasel...and shooting goes got it....crapweasel


Sunday...oh boy....crapweasel....take immodium and OC Md to WV....lots o stops....p/u boss and drive to Montvale NJ.....locked up finally.


Monday....bloated, pain, mongo headache, work thru it, then finally normal after dose of major gassy.....


Maybe getting better......maybe a stomach bug....not much fun.


Hope you can avoid it

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E. Coli will do exactly that. It sticks around for several days, sometimes takes meds to get rid of it.


How to avoid? Watch for undercooked foods. Chicken and Ground beef are carriers of the e. coli bug. Eat a slightly undercooked burger, and you got it.


Also carried on unwashed vegies, fruits, lettuce.


Mexican food: Lettuce, Tomatoes, maybe some ground beef or chicken. All major carriers of e. coli. Don't forget cheese, it is full of bacteria, sometimes caries e.coli, especially if it is cheese made in Mexico.


Recall the lettuce e. coli problem 4 or 5 years ago? It was caused by the land the lettuce was grown on, it was next to a feedlot and water carried the e.coli from the cattle manure to the lettuce field. Feedlot cattle are full of e.coli. Bad butchering and meat handling in the slaughter house contaminates beef with the e. coli bug.

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I had something nasty last weekend. Sharp pain so bad I went to the freakin ER just to crapweasel out my mouth into their sink. All I was eatin was berries cuz of my gout. I filled the sink to the top with redish purple crapweasel. Felt better so i left before seeing the doc. They still sent me a bill.

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