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Wind & Summer Surf-catching?

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OK so I'm confusedconfused.gif Nothing new.

I'll share what I think I know and my experiences w/ summer surffishing and wind direction.

Please share your knowledge, experience and opinions... also don't hesitate to corect me if I'm off base as many of you are much more skilled, knowledgable and experienced than I.

Generally it seems the S wind is dreaded for surf-fishing. I know...up-welling & surf water temp drops putting the fish off their feed temporarily. However, resently I've read that S wind is good and not only brings any lingering stripers into the surf but also brings hungry fluke into the surf to feed. Perhaps its because of the colder (i.e., more O2 laiden & more comfortable) water...yes? I've seen the wind turn south and totally shut off the bite but I believe this was more in the Spring & late fall when the water is already cool & oxygenated enough... Is that your experience? Another factor in summer surf, inlet and bay fishing & wind is vegitation in the water making it difficult to fish. I believe strong S wind makes back bay more weedy, and therefore the inlet on outgoing more weedy, This often clears up w/ incomming. I've heard West is Best & East is least. I know that West wind warms surf, flattens it out, improves casting distance and makes greenheads worse out front. East wind chops up the surf and NE realy chops it up along w/ reducing surf water clarty (making surf fluking less productive). Now in the fall I've seen bluebird west wind turn NE, cloudy and stromy and the bass put on the feed bag like crazy, almost instantly.

Please share your opinions, experience and knowledge of wind direction and summer surf catching (I know it called fishing, but apparently understanding the wind can help improve the catching).

Really looking foward to your responces!



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