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Where to catch BIG CATFISH in Massachusetts?

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so i saw these two pictures and now i'm inspired.


these are flathead catfish right? or channel catfish?


the bigger catfish species other than the mekong catfish in asia are pretty much blue, flathead, and channel catfish right?


do we even have these types of catfish in massachusett's water? or rather, catfish of these size?


I'm sure there are some BIG catfish down south like in Mississippi River where the river is HUGE and Muddy :


but are there any fish of these size in massachusetts?


Would love to try to catch one of these bad boys someday.

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The first two pictures you linked look like Well's Catfish to me, and they're not native to the US. Well's are native to Europe, if I'm not mistaken. Definitely not Flathead...and absolutely not Channel cats.


Of the species you listed the only ones you're likely to encounter around here are Channel Cats. And if you get one over 3 lbs or so, be sure to let me know. wink.gif


Depending on where you are in fishing in the state you may find Channels, Whites, and Bullhead Cats, but none of these grow larger than a few pounds. At least not in MA waters. The largest Catfish native to the US is the Blue Catfish - but you'd have to travel well South of New England to find one.

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