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Spots, stripes, and a bucket.

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Decided to give striiper fishing a break and went out yesterday morning with a buddy from work looking for bass. He picked me up at my dock at 5:30am and we drove the 30 minutes north on the Lanier and hit a pocket working sammy's ,chug bugs etc. and wouldnt you know it the first two fish I catch are stripers cwm13.gif After that it was a mixed bag of spots, stripers and one largemouth. Great morning of topwater with a few double hookups with stripers and spots. One striper was a hoss' that straightened my hook about 5 minutes into the fight. We were getting 3 and 4 blowups on one cast and then just like that it just stopped cold. Started throwing slash baits, spinner baits, flukes and just about everything ever made to get one more bite in 3 hoursheadscratch.gif Im guessing the barometric pressure changed quickly and shut everything down.












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Looks like a good day. icon14.gif I haven't tried throwing any topwater yet up here. In fact, haven't got a bass on anything other than a jig or a worm yet. cwm13.gif 9 straight days of rain sure haven't helped he water warm up.

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