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Pete F

66 Sailing books

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Since I have'nt sailed in years, I think it might be time to get rid of my sailing books.

If anyone is interested I can scan the list and email it to you. I'm looking to get 200 bucks shipped in the continental US. That's right around $3 per book. Who knows one of them might be worth $200.

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The capable cruiser Pardey

The Self sufficient sailor Pardey

European Adventure Pardey

Cruising in Serrafyn Pardey

Chasing the long rainbow Roth

Two on a big ocean Roth

After 50,000 miles Roth

Two against Cape Horn Roth

A Steady trade Jones

Saga of a wayward Sailor Jones

Seaquest Borden

Wanderlust De Meiss-Teuffen

Voyage of the Golden Hind Gilligan

A Shoal of Stars Downs

Once is enough Smeeton

Gipsy Moth Chichester

Spinnaker King

Sail Power Ross

Rigger's Apprentice Toss

Weather at sea Houghton and Sanders

Sailing in the fog Duncan

Sailing in Windy weather Henderson

Sailing at Night Henderson

Sailing as a second language Edwards

Repairs at Sea Calder

Seven seas on a shoestring Long

Chapman Piloting Maloney

Isabel and the Sea Millar

Airborne Buckley

Upgrading your small sailboat Butler

Design your own yacht Smith

The proper yacht Beiser

The sailors world Beiser

Boatbuilding with steel Klingel

Annapolis bk of seamanship Rousmaniere

Better sailing Henderson

Sailing Craft Rosenow

Improve your own boat Nicolson

The case for the cruising trimaran Brown

World cruising routes Cornell

Designers notebook Nicolson

Yachtsman Navigation Toghill

Modern boat maintenance

Wandering under sail Hiscock

Little ships of New Zealand Titchner

The Race Hubbard

Racing thru Paradise Buckley

Atlantic High Buckley

Starbound Stuermer

The Romantic Challenge Chichester

Saga of Direction Vilas

Storm Passage Chiles

Shipwreck Fowles

From a Bare Hull Mate

Fundamentals of Racing Falk

This is Sailing Osborne

Beginners guide to sailing Drummond

The Elements of Seamanship Taylor

Sailing Lifestyle Rousmaniere

Reading the weather Watts

Before the wind Chilwell

The long way Montiesser

Middle sea Autumn McConnell

Expert dingy and sailboat racing Elvestrom

How sailboats win and lose races Smith

The call of the sea de Hartog

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Pete, i'm sure they are worth at least your asking price, but i can't go that much. if you can take less for them, i will buy them at $150.00 shipped to me in NC zip 28803. thanks, Richard

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