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LARGE LOT!!! GOT WOOD??? Most are brand new and never swam...still have hook gaurds.......All are mint or used once or twice for a few casts except (1).....Pearl White Fathead Swimmer has chip on bottom lip.


Switched to kayaking and no longer need these Surf Casting Plugs!!!


This is an EXCELLANT Surf Casting Lot!!!!!


1)3 oz. Pearl White Fathead Swimmer

1)3 oz. Boenana Fathead Swimmer

1)3 oz. Electric Black Olive Fathead Swimmer


1)2.5 oz.Banana Stick Danny Lure

1)2.5 oz. Olive/White Danny Lure

1)2.5 oz. Black/Purple Danny Lure


1)2.5 oz.Olive/White Round Nosed Swimmer

1)2.5 oz. Pearl/White Round Nosed Swimmer

1)2.5 oz Black/Purple Round Nosed Swimmer


1)1.25 oz. Olive/White Crazy Bugger

1)1.25 oz. Parrot Crazy Bugger

1)1.25 0z. Bunker Crazy Bugger

1)1.25 oz. Black/Purple Crazy Bugger


1)1.25 oz. Parrot Bigmouth Popper

1)1.25 oz. Black/Silver Bigmouth Popper


1)1 oz. Olive/White Needlefish

1)1 oz. Black/Silver Needlefish


THIS WAS APPROX. A $275.00 ORDER.....gonna let em go for $200.00.....but am gonna throw in (3) Bob Hahn's 1.25 oz. Metal-lipped swimmers in white(BRAND NEW).....and (2) Deadly Dick Metals...(1) large and (1) medium weight swam only once or twice.....that's well over $300.00 worth of plugs!!!.....AND...I'm gonna let ya have this lot.....with no extra for shipping!!!


That's (20) Wooden Plugs and (2) Deadly Dicks for a GREAT PRICE!!!



$200.00 for WHOLE LOT!!!

Personal Check or Postal $$$-Order Please



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