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Black Penn 710

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Just found this in my father's garage. It has not been used in the last 15 years and has not been taken care of that well. It is in ok condition, looks to be a Penn Black 710. I would consider fixing it up and restoring it, but I just don't have the funds. Reel is 4/10 cosmetically, but appears to be fully functional 8 or 9/10 mechanically.


Here is what is wrong with it:


The coffee grinder handle has broken off, the emblem is missing on the side, but there is a seal, that is cracked that reads Penn Reels 710, it is missing some paint on the base, around the rotor and some other places. It is dirty too. Lots of dirt and grime in the grease. I have never broken a 710 down and I really would rather leave that to whomever buys this, so I don't break it more than it is. I also am not sure if the drag knob is original or not?


The good parts:

It feels mechanically sound. Feels just like another 710z I have. Spool is the black plastic/fiberglass spool and looks almost new. Almost no oxidation...maybe some on the inside of the bail where it meets the rotor.


Pics below


$35 or make me an offer. I know the black spools sell for over $40 retail, so even if you just need a spool. Otherwise, I am hoping someone can use it for parts or has parts, etc... Great reel and it deserves to be resurrected and maybe even fished.









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