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factory rod on 132 1m blank

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G loomis 1084s 9' 1-4 nice rod, wish it was 10'

" 1324s 11' 1/2-3 ok with light stuff, wish it was 1 pc, top half always twisting, really sweat throwing above 2 1/2 oz.


Custom from Grumpy's 9', from the 108 1L blank(VS 150), nice for light stuff


Lamiglas XS 101 MS 10' 2-5 great rod, sold it to my brother(real cheap), I don't know why :-), he needed a high end spinning rod anyways.


Lami SS 101 MS(VS 200) 10' 1-4 great rod, may not handle what the XS above can as far as weight is concerned, had a big blue foul hooked on the n jetty at Barnegat on a SS little neck popper and could not turn it so I'm looking for a heavier rod for inlet or rougher sea days where I might be throwing heavier bucks, plugs etc.


I read so much about how that blank(132 1m) is "the" favorite of so many experienced guys I was hoping there was something close to it, not a big fan of two piece rods, most of my two piece rods turn while casting and I hate having to re-align all thru the day.


Might just get the SS 101 MHS(VS 250) 10' 2-6oz .....its only $, right ? :-)

I'm currently using 50lb Power Pro on the heavier VS's



so many rods for so many conditions....does it ever end ? wink.gif

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