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Garcia 2402 - can you tell me something about it?

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8w, 2 piece


Excellent shape, no corrosion on the snake guides, cork is a bit dark but still excellent, the agate stripper is perfect, all the writing and stickers are still clean and clear. It shows some sign of use but very little.


Should I pair it up with my old Cortland Rimfly English made single action and hunt largemouths with it or is it more of a collectible ?

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I would recommend you string it up and fish it! Its not a rare model and not worth hanging onto unless you make good use of it.


I have a Garcia 2405 which is an 8&1/2 foot 8wt which I recently shared a photo in the LMB fly thread. Mine was in very clean hardly used condition when I got it. It has the unique squared off cork grip that only Garcia offered. I have it on two of their rods actually and like it a lot.


These also came with long rectangular gold aluminum cases with a foam lining. Nice cases but the foam on all now distingrates upon being handled and always needs to be removed and replaced. Worth the effort in the end though.


Mine also features the stainless steel spigot ferrule. If yours has this I would urge you to clean both the stainless male end and the female inside with rubbing alcohol. Then apply a light layer of parafn or plain candle wax. The weakness of this ferrule system is any grit will wear the female or insides of the rod rapidly. That is why you don't see them in use on modern rods only glass spigots.


Many of the Garcia blanks have a very nice medium flex action bending deep into the blank which I would expect yours to do too. This makes it a nice rod for throwing bulky LMB flies and bass buggin. The Garcias do tend to be a bit tip heavy and I find they require a heavy reel to balance the combo. The right reel makes the casting less strenous for me. Some argue a lighter reel is better so thats personal preference but with a heavy tip I like a good balance.


The reel I chose for mine is an old Pfluger 1496.5 and it works nicely. A 1496 might be good on the shorter 2402.


The 2400 series was one of the most popular higher end series of better conolon rods that went through a lot of changes over the years.


I have found mine to be fantastic for throwing bass bugs and have no doubt in its abiltiy to haul a fat 5lb LMB out out of thick lily pad cover. This rod is not quite as accurate as a another 8wt I have of similar vintage but makes up for it in reserve power.



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