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Troublemaker Surfster/ Danny Give- away!

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OK: since I was fortunate enough to find a dozen or so TMs on BS&T here & so now have my lifetime supply to chuck--


... I have two new/ mint ones here to give away! Free! smile.gif In tribute to Steve the TM builder/ master! HappyWave.gif (We only hope he gets the inspiration to keep building his magic!)


Tell me: how many fish?... & what average size? confused.gif



1) For the Bunker 1.5 Surfster:


In late Oct. I met up with John G. from Lifishinvt at Montauk... & informed him the bite from surf was slow... but I lost a real pig on a big Needle the afternoon before his arrival! cwm31.gif



Next AM, a Noreaster hit... and John & I were there together pre- dawn to fish it! I'll tell you we caught lots of Bass! wink.gif


Give the total # of Bass I caught (& released) that AM with John fishing yards away... AND then their average weight in lbs.! Closest guess as to # Bass landed that AM by yours truly.. then average weight of those Bass as tie- breaker... wins the new/ nip 1.5 Bunker Surfster! (I'm administering the contest-- fairly! I know what I caught & what size! icon14.gif )



2) For the Olive/ White Danny:


Four weeks earlier at M.-- smaller fish were on the anchovies... & bigger fish were scarce from shore unfortunately! One late afternoon... on the South Side while I was completely alone: I found a pod of larger Bass on Mullet an hour before sunset... & this proved to be my best session of Fall '08! In that hour + I took/ landed (& released) HOW many Bass # - wise? And WHAT was their average weight in lbs.? (as a tie- ) Closest guess here wins the new/ nip Olive/ White TM Danny! tongue.gif


SO: you're giving two sets of # 's: NUMBER of fish & AVERAGE weight in lbs. (expressed in lbs./ ozs.) for both sessions (i.e., for both plugs! cwm40.gif )


If you don't get it cwm12.gif & don't leave correct #'s / guesses... you'll be disqualified! (must read/ guess accurately! cwm15.gif This might put these TMs in more experienced & thus appreciative hands! biggrin.gif )


I'll let you all know who was closest/ won in both cases (i.e., who won both TM plugs) on Friday 2/27 in the mid- day! icon14.gif


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Not saying anyones guesses so far are right or wrong... angel.gif



But do remember M. like most surf spots has been inundated with smaller Bass from shore for the MOST part in recent years! cwm40.gifsmile.gif

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