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wind knots= (pp * suffix * reel + wind) * user error ^2

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I am just curious about the wind knot issue. I have been fishing braid since the first year of fenwick iron thread. I think I can recall on one had the number of "wind knots" i've had to pick out since back then.

I would like to share an experience that stuck in my head that further provides evidence that he line brand, reel type (infinite antireverse is critical) and wind conditions play no role in wind knots forming.

Fishing round valley one night back in the fall my friend and I were killing time catching smallys from the boat ramps. The lake was glass smooth and not even the slightest breeze was present. I was fishing with my stradic 2500 mgfA on a cumara rod and bouncing tubes on a 3/8 oz tungsten wormweight. He was throwing a spook on a stcroix rod and pfleuger reel, and wasn't producing. I lent him my rod since he had no soft plastics and on the 4th cast a silly string looking tangle shot out of the guides (4lb dia. 10 lb test fireline crystal. I was a bit tweaked but laughed it off. I went back to my truck picked out the tangle and grabbed my oher setup as well and headed back down. I told him Here use this. It was an e21 gold carrot stix paired with the same mag stradic 2500 and same fireline. Ten cast later same thing. Lookedlike spider man was web slingin right next to me.


Now mindful, the baits being thrown were non spining, constant contact lures being thrown, in ideal conditions, with the spools packed perfectly. Additionally accoriding to many members on this site "Fireline doesn't wind knot as easily."


Personally I believe that the people who have been experiencing repeated issues with braid aren't fully understanding the idiosyncracies of the product they are throwing. Its not a bad thing but its not nearly as forgiving as mono, and some attention must be paid to things that were considered automatic, and unthought of with mono.



throwing pencils. With mono you can cast close the bail stick the rod between your legs and work it in with almost no active brain function (not a bad thing its just more user friendly, like hitting the popcorn button on the microwave)


With braid its a much different strory. once the bail is closed, manually or not before any line is retrieved manual tension must be put on the line. Usually one quick hand motion closing the bail and pullin on the line does the trick. Pretty much the same motion u would use with a non bail reel. Now the retrieve is where things can get hairy. WIth mono as mentioned previously its newb proof. with braid the syncronization between line retreival and rod shaking have to be much more accurate as to not allow any slack to be put ont the spool. **On calm days if you listen closely slack line can be heard hitting the blank making a light shwak sound. Otherwise much attention must be paid to tension of line being wrapped around the spool.


spoons, buck tails, storm shads

on a straight retrieve only spoons play a risk with mono but thats a line twist issue. Even with a jigging presentation the stretchy property of the line provides built in constant tension.


With braid line twist is does happen but won't show up as a problem until further down the road. as far as impparting the action much less aggressive rod movements are needed to move whats attached to the end of the line, additionally a slower retrieve speed is allowable to maintain contact with the lure. Where as with mono u almost have to crank faster to keep in touch.


Hogies, sluggos, bkds, and other soft jerk and glide baits.


Mono automatic


Braid. Slow retrieves it may help to put the butt of the rod under you arm pit and while holding the blank above the foregrip pinch the line and retrieve under pressure. Same goes for the sweep n pause. Any other faster techs just pay attention.


wood. Nothing special with eithe one. They are both constant contact lures for the most part. Just watch the tension





If the wind is blowing into your left ear your line will have a bow pulling to the right. This provides adequate tension. Opposite applies if the wind is blowing in your right ear. When the wind is blowing from your back to front the wind will tend to pick your line up and push it down. still this is enough tension to not cause any problems. If its blowing straight at you just change your casting angle slightly and youve now just created a situation similar to the right/ left ear.


As far as what I prefer as far as brand.....Power pro 30/ 40 casts the best for me. However I prefer suffix 40 because i find is wears a little more gracefully. 40 suffix feels about as thin as the thirty with the same texture. The 50 lb suffix is to me wayyyy to thick and has a heavier feel when cast. It also feels as though its built differently, its much smoother. But the 40 casts much further. On the open beach in nj 40 has never failed me.......not even once, not even close. And thats primarily tying a trilene knot, with the occasonal polomar


Hope ya enjoyed the read. 13 years of fishin polyethelyne braid. (spectra and dyneema) I have purposely tried to mess the stuff up and I have used almost all the main brands out there. I am not loyal to any brand, as i am giving fireline tracer a whirl. With more technology comes better products. Years ago advancements were stagnant. Nowadays stuff changes overnight. It seems like suffix might have a real competition on its hands.


Tight lines

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