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Swimmer Definition/Descr. post

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Hello SOL,


I looked on search thing for 2 days now and cant find a certain post.


The post detailed the various styles and attributes of Surfsters, dannys, cowboys, and even gave a touch of their history I think.


Please point me in the right direction.


Thanks for the help.



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I asked a similar question regards actions etc of different swimmers a short time ago.

Amongst the answers was this from...


Pikie: chin weighted. Larger profile, wide wobble on top, tail slapping water.


Danny, widest in the middle, also weight near middle. Tighter wiggle than the pikie.


Surfster: usually no weight. Surface plug for calmer water. Wide wobble and roll.


Atom Jr. Belly and tail weighted for casting and holding in current.


Cowboy: heavy belly weighted to hold in current.


While some metal lips are made from heavier wood like birch and maple, most are lighter wood. The lighter wood gives more action. Add lead for ballist and weight.


That certainly clarified somethings for me.

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View PostThose opiates will do that to you.... biggrin.gif


What kind of wood is opiates?headscratch.gif

No relationship to opals, you know... Stoned?hippie.gif

Actually, I feel no drunk from my meds, but I never liked it when in the first few months of usage, I did sometimes feel it.

I like feeling normal, but not in pain. The buzz from a good single malt is nice, but can't do much more than a few sips right now, and as soon as I feel anything, I

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