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Old PLUGS- BIG O, Rebel Minnow, Thin Fin

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3 plug lot includes:

-Cordell Big-O, Black/Chromw (paint is worn/peeling but other than that is in good

shape for an old plug).

- Rebel floating minnow. Not sure what the color is called. Havent seen this plug anywhere else before. Has a black back w/ a greenish brown body. Fins and gills painted on as well. I think this one is from the early 1980s.

-ThinFin ShalloMac, baby striped bass color (floater). This one is still in excellent shape.


***No plugs in this lot are made any longer****

Asking for $50.00 for the lot, shipped, paypal/MO. (Breakdown is $15 a plug + $5 shipping)


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