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Looking to relocate

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the family to florida (gulph side). It was allways my intention to move down there, I was curious to know the employment condition ? Is it extremly difficult to get jobs? Here I am a self empoyed painter/contractor that still has work but needs a lifestyle change. We were considering the Sarasota, Bradenton, North Port area. Are there any areas better than the other, areas to stay away from? We would rent a house for atleast the first year. I should mention we have 2 young children that are not yet in school. Any feedback on actual living down there would be much appreciated.

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Job market down here is really bad right now...

almost all contractor are having a hard time getting work

everybody is under bidding to the point that its crazy...


Alot of contractors are going bankrupt because jobs that they were

working on got shut down, and they are having to chase

people down to get any type of paymentsmad.gif


I know a few already that have left the state and gone to texas for

work, from my understanding work is going strong

over there.

Job market is looking bad and doesnt look good down the road

Its becoming a cut throat type of market out therefrown.gif

unless you have a lead or something set in stone, i would make sure

to have it before moving your family down....shaky.gif

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Drako is right about the economy down here now. Houses and condos are cheap ,but jobs are tough in the construction area.


I also agree things will take a while to get going. Good luck with your plans. JP

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The bright spot in our area is that real estate is starting to move again. Slowly but surely houses are being sold. As more houses are sold, you will see the contractors starting to work again. Real estate is a huge driving force behind the economy down here.

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On the same note lot of remodeling ,repainting inside out side of House, some paint contractors cant keep up ,as people now sprucing up house to put on market in future,still a LOT of ROOFING going on.


Each area have it's own identity as here approx 80 mile north of Tampa much different way of life, lot of Barter for shrimp, crabs,grouper filets <Low wages and cheaper living , taxes lower, decent schools, also Catholic and Lutheran schools, lot of Home schooling , like any where else lot of petty theft, in my area (Citrus County) there is very Little if any armed robbery,rape,homicide. perhaps due to to many Good Ol rednecks,and a No Nonsense Sheriff's Dept and Deputies which do not stop at dunkin donut very often,Sheriff is Hell on Physical Fitness.


Approx 15 mile North east of Crystal River they will soon be starting construction of another Nuke Plant, also FL Power replacing lot of High Power lines (Several miles) and Final section of Suncost (Veterans) parkway (27 Miles) is scheduled to start , thus in next year or so lot of work related to one form of Heavy construction or another and for sure the Nuke plant will have Union Electrical workers as they currently are at Crystal River Nuke plant which is owned by same Power Co .


I would say take a week go south look around , take another week go west coast look around. You will find where you feel comfortable, how ever as Drako and others state Home construction IS STOPPED ,they even stopped construction on a Holiday inn.

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The job markey down here is great!!!!!!!!


There are a few conditions:


1. You must be skilled in your trade, if building related "watching this old house doesn't qualify you as a builder".


2. You must be willing to work, I know this sounds crazy but if you want to work you will get work.


3. You must show up on time and every day.


4. You must perform quality work or nobody else will hire you.


5. You must show up SOBER or you will be fired.


Personal note:


I was a landscape contractor in New Jersey (not a lawn cutting guy). I moved to florida for a "lifestyle change" and quickly found out I would not be a landscape contractor in Florida. The labor pool down here is about the worst in the nation. So now I'm a charter captain and people always ask "what else do you do?" and that makes me laugh. It seems everyone else in the charter industry is also in the building industry or has some other form of income.


I tried to build a house and after 2 years & 2 builders went out of business during construction, I finished it myself. I called my lender after idiot #2 failed and changed my agreement to "owner/builder" and completed the house from an empty shell to a C.O. in 6 weeks. I hired the subs, called in the inspections and fired anyone who was even a minute late, drank during lunch, or missed a deadline by even an hour.


Oh, and after losing $50K to the 2 failed builders I still finished the house under budget. So again if you know what you are doing and you work hard, come on down. If you are a uneducated sloth, stay in P.A because we have a surplus of those right now.

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Like the Capt. said, the labor pool SUCKS down here. Lots of lazy fools, but that always leeves an upside for some other. If you have a good work ethic you would probably fare fine. I moved from New York to Miami this past december and found a job relativly easily, although I am in a completely different line of work but my job relies on people spending money, extra money and they are spending it reasonably well down here.


My best recomendation is for you to come down here and scope it out. Pick say 4 area's, 2 on each coast and take a trip down here for a couple weeks. Check out all the places and all aspects of each place. When doing so you can also speak to locals, workers etc. and find out what the deal is with work in each place.


Good Luck!

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Thanks for all the replies guys, It really helps to hear from real people that live down there. I have scoped out areas 2 years ago and I must say the gulph side is definately what we like. I have had my own buisness for just over 13 yrs now, so the work ethic and skills is not a concern for me. I do have to ask whats the deal with N. Port. the area gets mixed reviews? Is it better to consider Fort Myers and if so would I be traveling alot for work. Sorry for all the questions but when I visit the area again I would like to narrow it down. Thanks

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I just moved to Sarasota 6 months ago from CT....I grew up in NJ. and luckily found a good job about 2 months ago with Pepsi. The market for your line of work here will be slower than what you have up north but you will be able to build a solid reputation with hard work....the work ethic in general compared to up North does not even come close imo.


As far as where to live.....Sarasota is by far the best area compared to Bradenton and North Port. Bradenton is a very blue collar town....decent amount of crime....hookers hanging out on RT. system fair.


North Port is a town built upon the construction industry. With construction going bust North Port has also gone bust. There are so many homes vacant and uncared for that they will have to be either totally gutted or dozed over. Habitat for Humanity is buying some to fix up for their program. NP is also a very blue collar town also....nothing to write home about. School system fair.


Sarasota is more upscale....has it's seedy areas, especially North of downtown by the airport. The beaches are first class. Lots of great restaurants. Schools are some of the best in Florida....but that's not saying much compared to up North. I'd say Sarasota is a good mix of white and blue collar with a large winter population that comes in Dec and leaves in April. We love it and I could not imagine living anywhere else. It has a smaller city/town feel than alot of the Florida cities.


Ft. Myers is pretty nice.....has a huge foreclosure rate....highest in the country so you may be able to scoop something up cheap down there and the area as I remember's been a long time since I've been nice. But I really don't remember it that well.


Good luck and if you have any questions about sarasota....shoot me a PM.

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Hmmmmmmheadscratch.gif I guess it depends on where you want to go and what type of work you are willing to work.

So with saying that i will stick to Central fl....seeing that you are in the building trade.

What is happening now is that the big companys that have money to hold them over, are pushing out all the smaller company.

Why?? well the jobs that they use to bypass or overbid are now the only jobs around.

So now they are taking everything that comes up by under bidding the smaller guys.

You also have people take a few bids to these bigger companys and saying "Here is their bid can you beat it"....and of cause they will

because they have no choice....that sucks for the little guys because they are in a way being used.

But like i said its a "Cut throat" type of market down here.......

Bottom line at least down here is "What are you going to charge me"

thats it!!! The job market is flooded with "Good Workers" so thats not flying

not a problem at least in your job market...


I don't know chit about cooking/charter job markets but i do know alittle about the building industry.

Nuke plants for most parts will be build by the city, and those type of jobs are mostly given to out of state companys.

All this is public records look it up in the city you are looking at...


For somebody to say the Job market is Great down herekooky.gif

I know alot of good hard working people that have lost their jobs

and are fighting tooth and nail to make it day to day.


remodeling was going strong but it has also slow down...

like i said Cut throat...

Here is a number to think about 3...

Fl is the third worst the job market...THIRD!!!

That to me doesnt sound like we have a Great job market....


Can't tell you how many families have moved down here and have

gone under in less than a year.frown.gif


Do alot of research before you make that move...beers.gif

a friend called yesterday he is a foreman at a plumbing company they

layoff all the workers and told all the foreman.

That if they wanted to keep working that they had to take a pay cut, oh

and now they are the workers...beatin.gif

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STAY AWAY FROM NORTH PORT!!!!!! Like previously stated the town is in collapse due to the high foreclosures. Sarasota would be the way to go also think about South end of Ft Myers, you could work the Naples to Sanibel area and do well in painting. I have friends that do remodel work and they are steady - busy. It seems now people are staying in the homes they have and just fixing them up a bit.


Foreclosures here are also out of control my street has 12 houses on it and 8 have foreclosed in the last year. That being said you can buy pretty cheap and since you're handy the fix up would be at a relatively low cost. Right now a 3/2/2 with a pool is going for $100K - $130K. If you want a real fixer upper you can find them for $50K.

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