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NH HOUSE BILL 559 , We Need To Stop This

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NH HOUSE BILL 559 An Act relative to the composition and duties of, and appointment to, the fish and game commission of NH


This will impact all sportsmen in NH; the specific issue is the removal of this



"An active outdoorsman holding a resident fishing, hunting, or trapping license in at least 5 of the 10 years preceding the appointment."


Primary sponsor of this Bill, Representative Carla Skinder of Cornish , no surprise was also the primary sponsor of the recently defeated anti-trapping legislation. She is using a very effective tactic, worked in MA will work here. If you belong to any other Fishing\\Hunting\\Trapping boards get the word out.


I don't have to remind the MA folk about this


In 1996 the citizens of Massachusetts had a referendum vote to change the way wildlife were managed in the state. This referendum was pushed by a coalition of animal rights groups which called their lobbying efforts, Pro-Paw (Protection of Pets and Wildlife). Essentially, the bill, called "The Wildlife Protection Act", changed three areas.


"¢The bill removed the requirement that members of the Wildlife Board (the state's regulatory body on Wildlife management) have sporting licenses.

"¢It banned the use of footholds and conibears in capturing wildlife unless there was a demonstrated health risk.

"¢The bill eliminated the use of dogs in hunting bears.


Time to step up, does not get any easier than this a easy to complete, populate and shoot letter. A courteous personalized letter to these folks and you're your own reps will help as well.

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View PostCurious, what does this have to do with fishing?



I would think you would want the people managing the money collected from your licence fees to be required to have held a licence " fishing or hunting"


If you think that fisherman are safe from the anti hunting and traping crowd you are wrong.

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