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2009 Jimmy Fund Auction #11 - 2003 Gary2 Pikie in White/Red - Ready to snag cancer!

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It's funny, I was just remembering when Gary first sent me a plug for these auctions a couple of years ago. I had posted it as "Plug from Gary Hull!". He sent me a PM that said, essentially, "Mike, thank you for posting it, but you may want to refer to it as a Gary2 or no one will recognize who made it! smile.gif" I doubt there's anyone here who doesn't know his name now and associate it with generosity, hope and divine talent.




The emotions I have while posting these auctions are a little overwhelming. Recently, I've described the "full circle" of how your generous sponsorship goes directly to the lab bench and then to the patient bedside. Whether the result is a clinical trial, a vaccination based cure (yes, they do exist) or survivorship services, you make a difference.


I've recently been so very fortunate to experience another in the string "full circle" experiences that our family being touched by cancer has brought into my life. When I was running the auctions last year, I was touched by the many people who were donating Gary2 plugs, in honor of Gary himself. I wasn't aware that Gary was going through what would be his last round of chemo. In fact, someone confided in me that information and it wasn't but days later that I got a note from Gary saying he was battling this miserable disease. He said he was sending me this plug... pQbOKCgOWek 1 of only 8 he made - to only be used for special causes like mine, the Shark River Kids Tourney/Stocking, etc. That plug went for $350 (thanks TBD) and Gary shared with me how delighted he was that the money would be put towards cancer research.


Since then, Gary has passed - leaving this world quite a bit richer for having had him in it. I never got to meet him, something I will regret the rest of my life. However, I have indeed come to know him through the generous acts he fosters in his friends. It was clear he surrounded himself with people like himself. Soon after, it became clear this applied to his choice in love as well. Back in October, I had contacted Barb to express my condolences and to thank her for her for his support of my efforts. She wrote back, I'll never forget. Hopefully she doesn't mind me sharing this...

Dear Mike,

Gary did mention his donation to The Jimmy Fund. He was a man who liked to help others and donate in whatever way he could to worthy causes, especially to raise money to fight cancer.

He fought a long and hard fight of his own for 7 years and he never complained except to say how much he hated cancer.I was amazed he was even able to make plugs for the Asbury and Berkley shows. His hands shook terribly and would cramp and were painful, but he was determined. The plugs he made for "08" should be treasured because they were made with much love.He did not want to disappoint anyone by not showing up this year.

I am a very blessed woman to have had him in my life.Our Anniversary falls on Thanksgiving day this year and though I will be missing him I will also be thanking God that he was in my life for the last 43 years.

I would like to continue with donating plugs for The Jimmy Fund. I know this is what Gary would want also. So please don't be shy and let me know when I can be of any help with donations.The plugs I have left are from Gary's personal stash and what better way to use them then to raise money to fight cancer.

Thank you for caring enough to send me an e-mail and a GREAT BIG THANK-YOU to SOL for all they have done for us.The support and generousity of all has been beyond belief. Gary was so overwhelmed by all the prayers and good wishes sent while he was in the hospital and I was so thankful he was here long enough to see how many lives he touched.

Best Wishes,


Barb, thank you so very much for sending these plug and know full well that they will be put to the use that Gary wanted.


This my friends, is the next of what will be a long line of auctions of Gary2 plugs, all from his personal collection. Sent with much love, making them the plugs with the best kind of "mojo" you can sponsor. heart.gif


Click HERE! BIDDYUP in Gary Hull's Honor and Memory by clicking this link and lets stop cancer!

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Bid History Chumfish (Thu Jan 29 02:47:37 2009) - $0.00

Chumfish (Thu Jan 29 02:48:20 2009) - $75.00

Surffishn (Thu Jan 29 17:42:15 2009) - $85.00

Shaun (Sat Jan 31 23:35:33 2009) - $90.00


and GOING....

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