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Dead Glowing Fish

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Mornin', I'm new here so I'll start off with a joke...



A lawyer and his brother were hunting. A mountain lion jumped out in front of them and started snarling.

The brother said "What should we do?"

The lawyer said "I'm gonna run for it."

The brother said "You can't outrun a mountain lion!"

The lawyer said "I don't have to outrun HIM-- I only have to outrun YOU


Ive been lurking here for a while and do find this site amazing, What a group,

Anyway what about these GLOWING dead fish I see sometimes stuck in the rocks in jetties along the RI coast. They are usually bluefish or bass that I guess people have dropped in the rocks and couldnt (or wouldnt) go get. As they decompose they throw off a faint glow seen on the darkest nights. Anyone know what causes this? or am I hallucinating.


Any body know what makes them glow?

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Welcome aboard.


That's weird about those fish - I agree w/mikeycigar, it is probably some bacteria or algae that is 'eating' the dead fish as opposed to the fish itself. But that's just a guess - I don't want to believe that dead fish glow...cwm31.gif

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