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Help! Say NO to LNG off Long Beach!

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Come support stopping this scheme that will do posible severe damage to our local waters and Marine Life not to mention a myriad of other extreme concerns. We NEED TO STOP THIS! It's going to be a man made Island 13 miles South of Long Beach.


"This is it, the ONLY public hearing to be held in NY by US Coast Guard to determine public opinion on the proposed liquid natural gas (LNG) project slated to be built off the coast of Long Beach is scheduled for Thursday, 1/29/09, 4:30 - 8:00 (4:30 - 5:30 is an "open house"; 6-8 is the actual hearing) at the Long Beach Public Library. It is really important that those opposed to the proposal show up at this meeting. This is the ONLY chance to make your opposition to the project known to US Coast Guard! "


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Sorry, not trying to start an argument here, but you titled your threadstarting post "say NO..." but within your post you mention that the public hearing will "determine public opinion". The skull & crossbones are meant to imply that LNG is ...poison? Do we really know enough about this project to KNOW FOR A FACT that its costs and liabilities so greatly outweight its benefits that we must knock it into the dust? PS - I do NOT work for this project nor do I have ANY stake in this at all. It's just that with energy prices being what they are maybe we need to think outside of the box.

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Yes there is countless evidence that proves this will damage the local ecosystem. I can't get into allthe drtails but you can go to google and do a search for it and research all about. As you may know the people of long beach and visitors care very much of our local waters and many conservation groups including surfrider and others have has numerous meeting informing the public just like every other potential projet in the past. This meeting is jut our last chance I voice our opinion to the city council and this involved in the project.


We stopped the army corp of engineers from ruining our beautiful beach in the past and know we need everyones support again. So please if the waters off long beach are at all important to you or anywhere in LI or NJ please come to the meeting and learn more about the situation.


The residence of Long Beach are ALL aposed to this island just off the coast drilling for liquad to natural gas. It doesn't take much to relIze the possibilties of what can and will be desrupted and possibly be destroyed.


The many conservation groups and the people of long beach ask for everyones support. There are many of you the enjoy going to log beach wheather for surf fiahig or just enjoying the beautiful Bach with your friends and family. So if u have the time please come and show some support.


I would post links but I don't think I'm allowed. But google should do the trick if u want to learn more.



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I do not think there will be any "drilling" at this facility. I understood it is a transfer station to get the LNG from supply ships into pipelines.



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View PostI do not think there will be any "drilling" at this facility. I understood it is a transfer station to get the LNG from supply ships into pipelines.





I could be wrong but rumor has it that has all changed. There will now be drilling at the facility which is a major major concern.



Please guys if you can make come down. I hope to see some of you there. Thanks beers.gif

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This is one of the many articles concerning the project that is a few months old. Please Google to learn more and please attend meeting, Bring Family, Friends, Whoever you can get


The first proposal is by a group of private investors, called Atlantic Sea Island Group (ASIG), who plan to build a massive man-made island for a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in the open ocean (13 miles off Long Beach, NY, and 19 miles off Sea Bright, NJ). This project is called "Safe Harbor Energy." URGENT ACTION! PUBLIC MEETINGS ON THIS PROJECT JANUARY 27, 2009 AND JANUARY 29, 2009. Click here for details.



The second is a project by Exxon Mobil, called "BlueOcean Energy," to build a floating LNG terminal (30 miles off Long Island and 20 miles east of New Jersey).



The third project, called "Liberty Natural Gas," is proposed by Excalibur for 15 miles off Asbury Park, NJ.


Why is LNG the wrong choice? Liquefied Natural Gas:



is grossly more polluting than domestic natural gas, resulting in up to 40% more greenhouse gas emissions (due to LNG lifecycle of extraction, cooling to liquid form at -259°F, transport from overseas, and heating to gas form),



increases our use and dependence on foreign fossil fuels,



will lead to increased home energy bills by significantly increasing supply costs (Jan. '08 data),



port facilities and supplies that exist are under-utilized and can more than meet our region's energy needs,



steers us in the wrong direction away from existing conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy technologies & options,



opens the door to offshore oil & gas drilling.


Why is LNG a bad choice for the ocean? The LNG facilities will:



devastate important fish habitat, and impact endangered and threatened species,



damage seafloor habitat,



destroy vast quantities of marine life by refilling huge emptied tankers with billions of gallons of seawater to replace LNG cargos,



create navigational hazards, leading to accidents & spills,



be exposed to stronger and more frequent hurricanes, nor'easters, and wind & wave risks.







On December 3, 2008, over 30 organizations (see list below) from throughout the region sent a letter to New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine denouncing his support for liquefied natural gas (LNG) ports which is included in his recently released Energy Master Plan for the state. According to the EMP, "Any liquefied natural gas terminal or other fuel supply project that meets the DEP's strictest environmental requirements will be permitted for operation...[T]he State policy will be to allow the markets to determine the cost, reliability and quantity of these fuel supply projects."



The New Jersey and New York groups sent a letter to the Governor citing that importing LNG will increase the carbon footprint, shift New Jersey toward a foreign energy dependency, increase energy costs, significantly damage marine ecosystems, create risks, and threaten coastal economies. In the letter, the groups write, "Unfortunately, your support of LNG for the state is antithetical to a green energy vision and will open the door for adding to the state's long-continued reliance on fossil fuels when energy efficiency and renewable technologies are available today."



Groups signing letter to Governor Corzine:



American Littoral Society, Association of NJ Environmental Commissions, Clean Ocean Action, Communication Workers of America - Local 1034, Concerned Citizens of Montauk, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Environment New Jersey, Fishermen's Dock Cooperative, Pt. Pleasant, Fishermen's Conservation Association and Staten Island Chapter, The Green Party of Monmouth County, The Green Party of Ocean County, Jersey Coast Anglers Association, Miami2Maine, Monmouth County Friends of Clearwater, Natural Resources Protective Association, NJ Council of Diving Clubs, NJ Environmental Federation, NJ Work Environment Council, NY Sportfishing Federation, NY Whale and Dolphin Action League,, Pequannock River Coalition, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, Sierra Club Long Island Group, Staten Island Tuna Club, Surfers' Environmental Alliance, Surfrider Foundation - Jersey Shore Chapter, Surfrider Foundation - South Jersey Chapter, WATERSPIRIT



In addition, groups, businesses, and muncipalities have signed resolutions opposing LNG and the proposed facilities. For a list, click here.





Use the left menu column on this webpage to learn more and to join the campaign. The menu of options include a special publication by Clean Ocean Action on LNG, opportunities to join the campaign against the LNG ports, a list of groups opposing the offshore LNG ports, and information about the three proposed LNG ports off New York and New Jersey.





Visit our Action Alerts page to learn how to take action in the campaign as a citizen, organization, municipality, and business.

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View PostWell they didn't get the LNG facility in the LI Sound so they move to the south shore...


Persistent buggers.



Hooky shakehead.gif


Deep Pockets will do that I guess cwm31.gifcwm31.gif



But really LB has a great comunity that is heavily involved in keeping LB a great beach down. Wheather your there for surfing, Fishing, For a day on the beach with you family. Please try and come down. Its not just a Long Beach Issue its really a good part of western Long Island south shores, Rockaways, north N.J. problem. Please try and make it if you can. wink.gif All we have to do is show up. Show some face and show the great numbers of people that oppose it.



Thanks Mates! beers.gif

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I don't know all the facts about the LNG site but its funny that you mention Long Beach. When I was responsible for the waterway of East Rockaway inlet, we had three home heating (full) oil barges run agound, which supplies an obscene amount of home heating oil. Thank god nothing was breached but there has to be a better solution.

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View Post I could be wrong but rumor has it...


You are wrong.



I went to their website. There is no mention at all about drilling on site.



The terminal engineering specifications call out for a manmade island used to store LNG tanks and associated equipment.



The LNG will come from somewhere else.



Now, of course, the website could be full of bull and they COULD be planning to drill - but I'm going by data, not rumors.



Rather than showing up like a bunch of drunken sailors with torches and pitchforks, and get thrown out and dismissed out of hand, why not listen to what they have to say and find out more about it, before we deep-six the idea?

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I'm just the messenger and I do plan to learn more about it. I do know that it has been in the LB herold numerous times and as you can see many surfing and Fishing organizations are fighting to stop this project as well as the entire city of Long Beach and surrounding communities. But even if they don't drill right away why on Earth would any western south shore beachgoer and his familiy or resident for that matter want an Island just offshore storing huge amounts natural gas on a man made island?


I just care about our oceans and all that live in at as well as our beachs. I want the ocean and beachs to be preserved for our children and their children and so on. I see this only being a bad thing. As do all Long Beach residents and city council members. So I'm just a messenger relying the message about this very important meeting and I ask all to attend if they can. Come down learn more and if you think its a great idea then thats your opinion and thats fine. But please come down.


Thanks beers.gif

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One of the thousands of Long Behach residents giving their reason for oposing it on another site. They need everyones help.



Why you need to show up for the LNG public hearing on Jan. 29th.


Do you want a visible man made island filled with poisonous foreign gas 13 miles due south of LB built on the only natural reef/marine sanctuary in our north eastern region?


Does this sound like a good idea?


Are you down with the precedent this sets? Corporations and private investors creating an open ocean energy island real-estate market?


Are you down with billionaire energy tycoons lying to you about economic benefits, pipelines, need for this, recreating the marine sanctuary, etc....?


Are you down with the bs data their paid scientists produce for them?


Are you down with the many security issues this presents? Forget flying planes into buildings, drop a hot something on this island and it's game over. Nuff said.


Are you down with half mile long tankers going in and out of our waters cleaning their 100,000 gallon tanks after deposits, sucking in our clean water and throwing it back out contaminated?

Are you down for a disastrous potential spill? GAME OVER for our ecosystem.


Do you think such a man island can really take the brunt of deep ocean swell and will handle a major Nor'ester let along Cat 3+ hurricane?

Did you know that Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) is foreign natural gas? So much for weaning ourselves off of foreign energy dependence.


Did you know there is no need for this island? All LNG facilities in existence are not even close to being used to capacity, less I mention the fact that the US only taps 20% of its own natural gas. Foreign natural gas will be more expensive that our domestic product. So who's going to buy it? A number of hidden agenda's may exist such as the set up of an infrastructure to export our natural gas to hungry markets with no natural gas that will pay top dollar (India, China, Japan), which will increase demand and thus our gas prices as well.


Did you know that when presented with the facts, the LB City Government (although they have stated they are against this island) are not down with signing a resolution against the project?


Did you know the that Coast Guard has final approval and construction can begin 6 months after the approval?


Do you think they are getting their pockets lined?


Do you think their is enough of a public outcry so that Governor Paterson, the only one with Veto power after Coast Guard approval, will actually veto this?





Those interested in helping to spread the word....

Go here:

to download, print/photo-copy the informational flyer. Give them out...put them in stores. Raise awareness! There is not much time left!


January 29th 6-8pm @ Long Beach Public Library. (1 block west of the train station for all you NYC wave warriors)


Learn more about the official anti-LNG campaign:

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Older Newsday Article about the subject:


Four Democratic Nassau County legislators expressed sharp opposition Thursday to a plan by a Manhattan company for a liquid natural gas processing plant in the Atlantic Ocean south of Long Beach.


The four criticized local environmentalists for not opposing the facility and asked Gov. Eliot Spitzer to also oppose the plant. It would be constructed on a 60.5-acre man-made island 13.5 miles south of the Long Beach boardwalk, where the legislators held a news conference Thursday morning.


"The project will pave over 116 acres of the ocean floor, kill all marine life in the area, permanently scar the landscape off of Long Island, and bring NO new supply of natural gas to Long Island or New York State, and NO economic benefit or relief to Long Island ratepayers," according to a letter from the four.



The proposal, by privately held Atlantic Sea Island Group of Manhattan, is pending before the U.S. Maritime Administration.


The legislators, members of the Democratic majority of the legislature, are David Mejias of North Massapequa, Jeff Toback of Oceanside, David Denenberg of Merrick and Kevan Abrahams of Hempstead.


"This is truly a 'Fantasy' Island that would be a nightmare for Long Island," a statement quoted Mejias as saying. "The base of the Island would have a foot print in the Atlantic Ocean covering a massive 116 acres. That is equal to the size of six Giants Stadiums, effectively wiping out the under water eco-systems not just on the 116 acres of ocean floor, but effectively closing off the ocean from all marine life as the massive base tapers up to the 60 acre island at the surface."


In a statement, Atlantic Sea Island spokesman Gary Lewi said, "It is interesting to note that if Legislator Mejias were to have held his news conference on Atlantic Sea Island he would have been far enough away as to ensure the safety of every Long Islander, would have been enormously difficult to be seen from land, would have been standing on a man made island more than 13 miles out to sea and composed of environmentally benign gravel and concrete armor, and would have contributed to providing gas to the region. In truth, this proposal will allow our region to compete and win in the fierce worldwide competition for energy and to do so in a safe and environmentally sound manner."


Denenberg was particularly critical of local environmentalists, who have strongly opposed construction of the Broadwater Energy liquid natural gas terminal proposed for Long Island Sound. "Any argument against Broadwater certainly is applicable to [the Atlantic Sea Island project] to an even greater extent," he said in an interview.


But a leading Broadwater opponent, Adrienne Esposito, executive director of the Citizens Campaign for the Environment, says that's not neccessarily the case. Although she says her group isn't ready to state support or opposition to Atlantic Sea Island's project, she said, "The island will be using stable, proven, land-based technology as opposed to Broadwater's brand new floating technology, which can be a victim of wave and wind activity."



So what do you think sound like a good plan to you? Wipe out 116 acres of ocean floor marine life, dump poisonois gas, Not allowing any fishing vessel within a mile or so of the island, NO NEW LNG!! just storage of forein fuel! No Economic benefit to tax payers!


All Long Islands Help! Just come show your face for an hour and leave. That is all we ask to safe our beautiful coastline.beers.gif

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View PostDoesn't NJ have a say on this as well ?


They are in Federal Court challenging MARAD's ruling giving NJ's Governor veto power.


Tonight is our first and maybe only chance to be heard!

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