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OK, so here it goes. Im planning a whole day to sweep my girlfriend off her feet.



-breakfast in bed


-Exotic Fruit Salad (papaya, starfruit, dragonfruit...)




-I was thinking some small fingerfood, snacks, and/or appetizers

-Some ideas would be much appreciated



-Bottle of my home-made wine

-Start off with one of the following

-Stuffed Mushrooms

-Calamari (pan seared)

-Shrimp Coctail



-Avocado salad with tomatos

-Main Course

-Pepper crusted Ahi Tuna

-Salmon (no idea how i would prepare it right now)



-Mango Sorbet



Movie and all that romance to follow.shaky.gif


keep in mind im 22 and have little to no income due to the fact im still in college. But please give me as much feedback and/or imput as you can. Also feel free to put in what you are doing for VDay.

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You've got WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to much on the dinner menu, unless you're doing 1-2 bite portions and you should probably re-organize the order. Downsize. Maybe a Salad to start, some chilled seafood, then some little hot apps, then a fish dish(half size portion), then a pasta dish (again half size) folowed by a meat dish, a Palate cleanser. Now its time for dessert.

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What I used to do for dinner:


1 lobster tail for her.


I would buy a bunch of cockles (cheap) or a dozen or so small little necks.


Saute some garlic (u both have to eat this) with a bunch of butter.

At the same time cook up some angel hair pasta.


When the pasta is ready throw the clams or cockles in the sauteing garlic until they open.


Put pasta in a large serving bowl. Dump clams with the sauted garlic into pasta and toss. A little parmeganno reggiano and its good to go.



I would also buy 3 monster shrimp for her to have a nice shrimp cocktail.


A little ceasar salad kit, nice bottle of bubbly I was always good to go!!!


I just read this to my wife and I will be cooking it again this year!!



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Breakfast-Looks ke you've got that handled


Lunch-Soup and salad. Pick a soup. French onion is always a hit. Serve w' crusty bread


Dinner-Keep it simple. The shrimp cocktail app can be done ahead as can your salad and dessert. This leaves you to be a bit creative with your main dish, The pepper crusted Ahi looks good to me.

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View PostIf you plan on marrying this girl, don't get her used to this kind of attention. wink.gif


Exactly. If this the first V-Day you and your GF are spending together and you are serious about a future, remember, you will have to out do yourself every year to keep "sweeping her off her feet"


A box of chocolate and that's it!

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been together for 3 years. box of chocolate is cliche and would not cut it. Graduating college this year and just want to do something special so it stays in her mind til im out and we get a place together.

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The first meal my wife prepared for me...and I say prepared very specifically, because it involved very little cooking, left very much by way of expectation, but I married her anyway.


The fact that you've got your sweatheard trained to prepare you such a feast on Valentines at such a young age speaks volumns. I salute you. clapping.gif


Let us know how it turns out.

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