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I found some plugs in my closet, a little while back called Sea Hunt. I have about 5 of them all new. All have sloped heads. I can't remember actually when I bought them but it was from the builder and they have 06 with his initials (looks like Ed G) on them. What are they worth?biggrin.gif


Thanks, Mike


Decided to post a pic, might be better help. 5th plug is another black scaled.


Possibly more Peanut bait! LOL cwm27.gif


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They are indeed SeaHunts and made my Ed G, I believe he is a member of this site.. Excellent plugs and you can find them at the Fishing Flea Markets during the spring here in Jersey as he does a couple shows including The Berkeley Striper Club in the past... I believe they sell in the $20.-$25. range.. I have been looking for some of his Bottle Plugs....



Here are a couple of mine from Ed from 05 & 06


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