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A Good Laugh

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So I'm at my parent's and log onto SOL....spend some time online and log off......Next morning Mom say's to me I why would you look at PORN on our computer???? headscratch.gif I say Mom what are you talking about? So she says stripppersonlinecwm27.gifcwm27.gifcwm27.gif !!!! After I get off the floor (from laughing) I take her into the den and log onto to SOL, as say to her yes Mom here is my Porno -- CENTER FOLD.....Tim holding a big'ol STRIPER!!!!cwm27.gifcwm27.gifcwm27.gif


Boy did we have a good laugh...Now she tells the story to everyone!

It will happen just wait for it!
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Reminds me of the old SNL skits with Gilda Radnor as Emily LaTella. "What do mean there's to much Violins on TV. There should be more. Kids need to hear good music" Emily, that's VIOLENCE, not violins. "Ah, well that's different, nevermind".cwm27.gif

on the good side of the grass.....

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The outdoor editor of our paper down here had a son whom he wanted to follow in his footsteps. He got the paper to give the boy a column in the weekly "Neighbors" section, which apparently wasn't carefully overseen. Unfortunately, while a good boy in other respects, the kid couldn't spell, so each week we would get a report on the strippers in the river. The thing went on for about three months until the kid found he was better qualified for another job.


We did eventually find a stripper in the river, but we had to drive her there ourselves. She caught and released a fish that evening, so for a while if we lost a fish we would wonder if it was the strippers striper.

I have become too old to drink bourbon on the rocks. I will still drink it in the parking lot. 

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I was sitting the the hospital waiting for my sister-in-law to give birth to my youngest nephew when I grabbed by other sisters blackberry to check the statis of a purchase. the next day I was talking to my nephew who got chewed out by my sister for looking at porn on her phone. he denied it up and down... He gave his mother a quick spelling lesson before he demanded an apology. Funny how many people have this happen to them..

nicey nice....
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