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Jonesey, Dude and Punk

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Robert Williams

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Jonesy has one of the most distinctive posting styles on the site. He is also funny as hell (if you like sarcasm, and I do).


Dude, not so much. Too arrogant and effete.


Punk. Humorless, pompous pseudo intellectual.


As distinctive as cheddar from brie from gorgonzola.

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I see. Lots of different cheeses. Probably as many different cheese as there are posters on this forum. Limburger - stinky stuff but highly appreciated by some; swiss; full of holes. Pasteurized American cheese; soft, dull, boring. Sharp cheddar. Yellow with lots of bite. Blue cheese... moldy and pungent. Feta; crumbles easily.


Lots of relationships between cheese and posting styles now that I think about it. biggrin.gif

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