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I'm scaling way back for the upcoming 2009 season. Realistically, there's no way I'll use everything. I'll start with a few conv items. Everything is including shipping. Payment is to be cash, check or money order(preferred over check for no wait in shipping). Please. No trades.

First is a very, very nice Penn Mag 970. This is a sweet reel that includes the box, paperwork, wrench, lube and spare foot. Hard to find one elsewhere in this condition. GONE






Next is an NIB ABU 5500C Sunset Orange levelwind. Box paperwork, wrench and lube as well as spare blocks. GONE






Lastly for right now, is an ABU 7000HSN Big Game.

The side labels are gone. Includes the box, paperwork and a set of Xtreme Smoothie drag washers. This is the 5.3:1 narrow frame. Lightly used, but in great condition. GONE






Maybe more to come in a day or two. biggrin.gif




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Yes, they are very cool indeed. I wouldn't say they were trying to copy ABU at all. This reel is like a supercharged Squidder Jr. Casts like a dream quite frankly. I have another one that gets used quite a bit and they are quite unique to say the least.

They were made in the 970 (this one), a 980 (the size of the 140 Squidder), and the 990 (close to the size of a Jigmaster)




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I'd second that squidder comparison. I have a Penn 980 Mag... one step wider than this 970, and it's very much like a magged squidder in feel ... maybe a touch beefier. I never birdnest the thing, and the mag control stays set... can't accidentally move or change it.

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