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wind/Rain coats

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That is alot to ask for for 50 bucks.I recently got the simms INVEST from serria trading.It is a good rain top at a close out price.I have used it out on ruff sand bars and stayed dry.My one complaint is the lack of hand pockets...but that is OK .About 15$ over your price but a good value


Might want to look at the Kayack dry tops too NRS has some good products

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Improvising with Glad Trash Bags: The Simple Product So Many Alternative Uses


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The history of the Glad Company is shorts and resulted in a lot of mergers beginning in 1917. Unfortunately, in 1985 the company had to sell its line of products to First Brands Corporation due to a huge lawsuit. The company had a major chemical spill that killed thousands of workers in India.


The Glad Trash Bags that we know today are thought to be simple one purpose products as the name suggests, and that purpose is storing trash. Due to common belief, that's the only purpose most people will use trash bags for although a few have came up with a wide variety of uses. With this product you can:


Sled in the snow by tying a trash bag around you and using it as a sled. This makes a great alternative to the modern sleds.


Improvise a raincoat by cutting slits in a Glad Trash Bag for your head and arms to get shelter from the rain.


Cover your barbecue grill by placing a trash bag around it. It makes a great way to cover your outdoor grill.


Make a solar-powered camping shower by filling a Glad Trash Bag with water and then tying it to a solid tree branch. Allow the sun to heat the water and after you lather up with soap, you can poke a small hole in the bag to rinse off with a warm shower.


Take a laundry bag with you while traveling by simply packing a trash bag to put your dirty clothes in.


Prevent ice from gathering on your vehicle windshield by cutting open a trash bag and placing it over the entire windshield. You can close the ends of the trash bag with the car door to hold it in place and simply remove the bag to see that there's no ice on your windshield when you're ready to go.


Make waterproof stuffing for outdoor uses by cutting a trash bag into small strips and use it as a stuffing for cushions or whatever fits your needs.


Make dust covers for clothes by cutting a small hole in the bottom center of a trash bag and slip the bag over the top of suits and clothes before hanging them in the closet.


Waterproof a backpack by covering the backpack with a Glad Trash Bag and cut small slits in the bag for the straps that go on to your back.


Collect aluminum cans for recycling by simply placing your empty aluminum cans in the trash bag until you can take them to the recycling center.


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