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New builder here...

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Hey guys, ive been sitting back for a few months now reading all the post and seaching thru old threads learning about plug building. I figured it was about time i start posting. I got my shop mostly set up. I picked up the turncrafter pro with variable speed, it works great, so far i cut about a dozen plugs. Pics to come soon. I even went as far as to build a paintbooth with a rotiseree. This hobby is definately addictive! Its alot of fun and give my dad something to do during the day as he's retired and on disability.


Anyways i had a problem with my createx sticking to my primer on some kits i purchased off ebay. I did the BLO and mineral spirits bath for 20 minutes then i let them dry for 7-8 days. I then dipped them in Zisser BIN primer and wiped off excess and let dry 48 hours. After i painted them the createx peeled off the primer like rubber! Im not sure if the problem is paint compatibility or i just need to sand the primer down a little before painting. What do you guys think?


My next problem is going to be cutting the face of poppers. whats the easiest method to get that cupping affect on the front? I dont have a router table. I tried using a router bit in my drill press and pressing the plug against it by hand but it didnt work so well, it walked all over the place.


thanks guys,



ill post pics of my first turns and the shop asap

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Yes you do Craig! good eye! shortly after i got those kits from you i picked up a lathe and started cutting em myself. The lathe is alot of fun! thanks again, its definately a good idea to start with kits before investing in all the stuff needed to make you own.


Heres a pic of my first 4 ready for a BLO bath. The front two are peanut bunker, one spook, one swimmer. The rear are 5 in. squid pencil and 8.5 inch needle.


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View PostI have a 94 Toyota Supra. I havent brought it to the track in 5-6 years, hell i havent even driven it in almost 2, just sits in the driveway. Hopefully ill take it out next year.


very nice car! a kid I used to know had the older body style one, '89 maybe, could never get it to stick on the track though

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