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kinda things that happen around here when the price of lobsta crashes :

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Na ...I think they just parked their boats ...


Sorry ... originally I posted an article from the Portsmouth , NH newspaper with a bunch of strange headlines ...One specifically about a NH fisherman


( "Fisherman Charged With Purse Robbery ")


....and then I thought better of it because there were too many personal details in the article with a picture 40.gif and he will get his day in court for the action .... So I deleted the text of my post but couldn't figure out how to delete the title .... Maybe a moderator could do it for me ...

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View Postdemand? good question..


I saw a cooked whole 1 1/2 #'er in stop and shop last week for 4.25$..that thing didnt stand a chance..i almost ate it before i got home biggrin.gif


I just saw a quick news blurb that the demand from consumers and processors is way down, which is causing the drop in price. I'm going to support the industry and pig out on lobster all weekend. pig2.gifbeers.gif

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With the economy in the toilet,and the price of diesel(until very recently)in the stratosphere,demand disappeared,and it wasn't worth fishing.

It wouldn't pay you more to walk on water,than to wear a crown of thorns,

It wouldn't pay me more to bury you rich,than to bury you poor...

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My bud in Mystic gave up lobstering in September.... now works for the water company. if ya need a couple hundred pots (and a 34footer w/ a Cat deisel) lemme know- I gotta guy for youwink.gif

its all about da fishes...

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cwm40.gif state or fed permit??? and the other reason is dave at garbos prob just dumped one of his northern pounds... oh yea wich is im canada on the market.... market price gets hammered when if does it....

Yea im that guy.. Just trying to preserve a heritage thats now considered the enemy...NMFS.. Destroying fishermen and their communities since 1976....

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