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Hi and Minwax Sanding Sealer question

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View PostWould it be fair for us to comment on a product we have never used?????


Sometimes you guys actually have to try and experiment and see what works and what doesn't. Too many of you think we have all the answers and the methods we use are all the same. Instead you need to test and find out what will fit your needs.

Many of us builders are friends and talk a lot behind the scenes. Yet we use completely different ways to build, seal and finish our plugs.

Experimenting is always good I myself will sometimes build plugs to fail just to test your theories.

There is always new products or other things that are readily available in your area that we can not get. You tinkering and testing will make you a better plug builder than someone giving you a "Oh yes it will work" generic answer.


My comment was not made towards the ACTUAL pros like you with years of experience, or the guys who have spent ridiculous hours experimenting and thousands of $$$ trying every product under the sun for sealers and top coats.


I literally have also spent thousands on experimenting and have at least enough different epoxies from the last few years to build a yacht... but I also still keep experimenting with everything from spray cans to aircraft paints and two part epoxy primers.


It was directed towards the guys who ask what sealer they should use today and tomorrow they are preaching what they just heard the day before like gospel. that's all ,,, no disrespect....beers.gif Maybe I should have worded it as SELF-proclaimed pros,,,,

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