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It's A Rainy, Windy and Generally Awful Friday in NJ...

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SIM is in NJ so here's a thread for him. I'm sure he'll love to hear what you're making, how you're preparing for the storms this week, how much bottled water you have stashed for emergencies, etc.


On to the gustatory stuff:


Last night SIM had some crap from Tiffany's on Rt37 and and I ordered Chinese delivered to the bar at Bum's.


Tonight is Bum's Bar Menu.


Tomorrow I'll be making fresh Pesto, lots of it icon14.gif


Tomorrow night I won't get to eat pesto b/c I'm going to a party and concert so it's finger food for dinner.

"Depend not on fortune, but on conduct."

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Worked all week including a couple doubles, so thinking takeout tonight, maybe fisherman's platter from my local fish monger, or Thai, or maybe Chinese.


If the weather clears tomorrow I'd like to grille up some chicken and veggies, maybe some chinese and Italian sausages too, with a nice big garden salad.


Sunday I may do a big Italian sauce and pasta with pork cutlets, I'm big into them pork cutlets now. drool.gif


Have a great and safe weekend folks! HappyWave.gif

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takeout from somewhere tonight.


tomorrow night is my birthday party... i thought dinner out last night was my birthday party, but apparently since they don't serve alcohol at cracker barrel it's not officially a party.


i'm gonna make chicken pot pie for the 8 kids or so that will be there. we're all going to have a liquid dinner.


sunday, depending on whether or not i can move... i was thinking a nice easy spaghetti with garlic bread and salad. gonna be pretty cold then, so a nice warm pot of spag might do the trick. if i can't move... i'll just sleep all day. icon14.gif

Ack. Foo.

I want to die from a good old fashioned case of living.

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There's a cut up whole chicken in the fridge so I guess I'll roast the parts up on a bed of potatoes, carrots and onions. I may toss in some chunked up acorn or butternut squash for added sweetness. I'll make some gravy from the drippings and pop a bottle of homemade chablis to wash it down. (I usually don't drink white wine. I make it to cook with, but once I open a bottle for the gravy, I feel it is our duty to finish it off beers.gif )


birthday.gif Happy Birthday Tammy!birthday.gif




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Pizza last night, pepperoni, cheese, ham and black olive and an anchovie. I love pizza night. smile.gif


Right now I've got two pots of chicken bones simmering for stock. I wish it were a little colder out but what can you do? I found some fish in the freezer, so tonight will be fish surprise with risotto and a steamed veggie.


Tomorrow it's going to be cold and windy, so I'm making a pot of venision stew or chili...haven't decided AND a big pot of gumbo, plus a loaf of no kneed olive, parmesan and rosemary bread. There will be a roaring fire, the smell of stuff on the stove, and football. icon14.gif


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Last might I had a couple of friends over and made a fatty pork loin on the WSM.

I completely covered it in sliced garlic, some cracked pepper and then wrapped it in thick sliced bacon. It looked like a bacon terrine.biggrin.gif

We had red and white cabbage cooked together. That was shaved on the mandoline and cooked with a touch of olive oil S&P and then finished with a bit of maple syrup and some lemon juice.

The other side, was roast red potatoes with rosemary, garlic, S&P.

The guests brought desert, but I had no room to even have another glass of water.redface.gif

Happy Birthday Diggly!!

Wish you were heresmile.gif

Proud to be a NERB and I have the shirts to prove it!!
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after fishing in the rain a getting a nice keeper, made bass chowder !!! drool.gif

-Hey dumbass it's not about a kill or no kill tournament, it's about how much your 2nd favorite club can mug you! That's it...

-the reports thread is the yenta section for NJ..  

-If’n ya cut yer teeth on Ava and teaser fishing please take a seat in the back and keep quite… 

-is monkey see monkey do fishing even fun..?? 
-yes I still fish with mono..  On occasion 

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