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Re: Nissan Pathfinder on Beach???


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View PostI am thinking about a beach permit to do some surfcasting mainly at Smiths Point. I think my Pathfinder is a bit too low to the ground for beach use. Looking for opinions... Thank you


Your Pathfinder is fine for the beach. I take my 2003 4Runner out on the beach, and my clearance is no greater than yours. Air down your tires and you'll be fine.

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I have an 05 Frontier crew cab. Basically the same thing as a Pathfinder but with a bed instead. I run the beach quite a bit with it and haven't had any problems with ground clearance. Don't sweat it. It'll be fine!

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I use my 2001 with zero issue.


Paths get a bad rap on gas mileage. Can't compare apples and oranges. Paths are built on a truck frame and built for off-road. They are not some unibody thing made for suburban malls. Regardless some SUVs get a little better better gas mileage; some get worse. No 4 wheel drive SUV other than a hybrid gets close to anything that is respectable.

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