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Electric motors/pumps for older heating system zones

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had my furnace replaced last winter


home has 3 zones/thermostats


the new system doesn't have the large red/blue motors/pumps that push the hot water through the zone(s)


So now I've got these 3 fairly large motors/pumps and my question is - would there be a market for these ??


Should I have them re-furbed at an electric motor repair joint and then look to move them ??


Or sell them as is ??


Input and/or Feedback is appreciated

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OK so your new boiler has the little taco pumps which are sealed lubrication and are good.also have this on my boiler.only 2 zones and verticle rise is only 12 feet.


The large Bell and Gossett pumps you speak of are made more for commercial apps and overcomin a high verticle rise.There are 3 oil ports that

must be attended to yearly for the motor and impeller lubrication.also has external spring type couplers connected motor to impeller.These pumps were standard years ago in residential.


your series 100 b&g circulators are worth 25 bucks a piece to someone in the business.

If by chance these pumps are bronze much more

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